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Reincarnation, and Children’s Past Life Memories



Reincarnation is a subject that most of us find fascinating, it is also known as ‘Transmigration’ or ‘Rebirth. It is the concept that the soul, is reborn into new lives, into humans, plants or animals. Most Religions believe it is a continuation of working towards an eventual escape from the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth, and a path to absolute purity and salvation.

Reincarnation is most widely accepted by eastern religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism to name a few. It is also found in many ancient cultures, and was also held as a belief by great historical figures such as Pythogaras, Plato and Socrates. It is also a very common belief within various ancient and modern Religions today, such as ‘Spiritism’, ‘Theosophy’ and ‘Eckankar’, as well as many other tribal communities throughout the world. Although the majority of sects within the Abrahamic Religions, such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism are not believers in Reincarnation, some particular groups within these Religions do. These groups are followers of the Kabbalah, Alawaites, Cathers and the Druze.

The Worlds longest surviving Religion ‘Hinduism’ is unified by it’s acceptance of ‘SAMSARA’, this is a chain of births and deaths linked by Reincarnation. This is controlled by what we all know in modern day as KARMA. Although Hindu’s worship an array of Gods, they believe that Karma is not assigned by any God, and is simply earned by each individual, and passed down through subsequent lives.


Following good Karma is said in Hinduism, will eventually earn a person a higher place in a future life or existence, then eventually total salvation from ‘SAMSARA’ ( Ultimate Enlightenment)

So in modern day, how do we believe or have evidence that Reincarnation actually exists?

It is said that some of most common signs and symptoms of having a past life, or past lives is firstly

DEJAVU- The feeling of overwhelming familiararity to a place you have never visited, or a person, you have never met, or to a memory you never had, hidden deep within your subconscious.

RECURRING DREAMS OR NIGHTMARES- Vivid dreams or nightmares, of specific occurrences, distress, places, times, era’s and so forth, that recur in a similar manner.

NATURAL TALENTS- Children and adults that have amazing talents without studying or practising them. Some children have been known  to speak a foreign language fluently, without ever being exposed to it.

PHOBIA’S- Most phobia’s will appear to be completely irrational, such as spiders, heights, chlostrophobia, (learnt phobia’s if you like) but what about explaining a fear that the person has never been exposed to? and never before threatened them?

BIRTHMARKS- Many Religions believe that birthmarks are a sign of Reincarnation, it is commonly believed they appear as a reminder to heal certain past life trauma’s. Apparently birthmarks can change in colour and in shape, due to an emotional shift.

SOULMATES- This is the total connection to certain people, to which individuals feel they have known each other before and feel at one, at peace, or maybe even distress with.

Although many adults do believe they have lived before within a different timeframe, body and mind, I find nothing more fascinating than the study into children whom recollect past lives with remarkable accuracy. One modern day case I have been following, is of a 10 year old boy, from the city of Oklahoma, America…

Ryan, the little boy from Oklahoma, started having vivid dreams from the age of 4, and by the age of 5, made a revelation to his mother Cyndi, whom is a devout Baptist, that he in fact used to be ‘somebody else’. He claimed he used to be a Hollywood Actor, He described his experiences of travelling the world, working with stars like Rita Hayworth, and dancing on Broadway. His mother Cyndi, claimed his stories were so detailed, there was no way a child of 5 could make these things up. As a Baptist, Cyndi had not been taught, neither was a believer in Reincarnation, however, her son Ryan’s revelations, left her feeling the need to research his claims further. It was here that a picture, in black and white, was found in a Hollywood memorial book, and Ryan, whom saw one of the pictures said ‘that was me’, ‘that’s who I was’. A man named MARTY MARTYN, who was in fact, a small role actor and Hollywood agent. The photo he saw was shot from a 1930’s film called ‘NIGHT AFTER NIGHT’, where Marty Martyn appeared as an extra, with no lines.

Ryan, in fact, went on and had identified more than 50 truths about Marty Martyn’s life, including how many wives he had, to the street he used to live in, to how his heart ‘exploded’ and even an African maid he used to have, in his home with one of his wives. As these claims and details became more specific, Cyndi the mother, sought after help from DR Jim Tucker, a Professor of child Psychiatry, at the University of Virginia. Marty Martyn died in the year of 1964, and Professor Jim Tucker stated, IF YOU LOOK AT A PICTURE OF A GUY WITH NO LINES IN A MOVIE, AND THEN TELL ME ABOUT HIS LIFE, I DONT THINK MANY OF US WOULD COME UP WITH MARTY MARTYNS LIFE’.

Ryan would regularly talk about his two sisters, trips to Paris, his 5 wives, and living on a street with the word ‘ROX’ in it. He also said he missed an orange soda called ‘TRU-ADE’. Professor Jim Tucker also stated, non of this information was available on the internet, and after thoroughly investigating what Ryan had claimed, all of the 50 plus truths were accurate. Marty Martyn had a weakness for an orange soda named ‘TRU-ADE’, he used to live on ROXBURY DRIVE in Beverley Hills, he had two sisters and indeed spent time in Paris with his 5th wife, and died from a heart attack. Ryan also claimed that ‘HE DID NOT SEE WHY GOD WOULD LET HIM GET TO 61, THEN MAKE HIM COME BACK AS A BABY?’ Professor Tucker then went on to find, that the death certificate claimed that Marty Martyn in fact died when he was 59, which seemed a big inconsistency and major detail wrong in Ryan’s story, however, since then, Professor Jim Tucker received concrete evidence and information, that MARTY MARTYN was indeed 61 when he  had died. Ryan, therefore, was correct all along…..

There are many wonderful stories, claims, and perhaps evidence? throughout the world, from these remarkable children. Some do not hold so many evidential factors. however, many cases through study, investigating, seeking and acceptance, have allowed these children to move forward, and eventually allow these past life memories to diminish.

I find it fascinating that these children are pure in spirit and not tainted by society, ghost stories or exposure to the Reincarnation belief system, however some Religious communities do expose their children to Reincarnation from a young age, but would a child of 4-8 years old really understand it? let alone have vivid, and factual memories of a previous existence? Again, it is a remarkable subject that can never be totally proven, and there are many arguments against the theory to support this, however I believe we owe these children a chance to follow their stories and investigate their claims, whether they are imagination?, coincidence? or indeed the truth. Being a  trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Past life Regressionist, I am still seeking answers, still searching for concrete evidence, and this will no doubt continue on, throughout this, my life here…..












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