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SCIENCE Lending it’s hand to SPIRITUALITY – The Experiments



This is a subject that not only do I find fascinating, it really makes me Re-think my reality and thought process. I firstly came across these experiments whilst studying an advanced Transpersonal Awareness Course several years ago, I also believe now that not everything that we are taught is how it seems, and not everything that is taught is correct perhaps?

I am going to provide in this article, three separate documented Experiments, that were performed in the 90’s on how Human DNA, firstly, not only reacts to Human emotion, the Photons (light energy all around us) also react to the DNA and takes on the form of human emotion given off.



The first experiment and major study was performed by Two Russians, VLADIMIR POPONIN and PETER GARIAEV at the Russian Academy of Science. This was named THE PHANTOM DNA EXPERIMENT, and produced some astonishing results.

First, they created a vacuum, in a specially designed test tube, and measured the location of the ‘LIGHT PHOTONS’ (ENERGY ALL AROUND US) inside this empty vessel, to see if they were all either, clumped at the bottom, clung to the sides or dispersed randomly. These Photons were scattered randomly throughout the tube, as totally expected by the Scientists. They then placed a strand of Human DNA in this vacuumed tube, and what happens next is fascinating. The photons acted as though drawn by an invisible force and spontaneously arranged themselves around the DNA Strand. Even stranger still, when they removed the strand of DNA from the tube, the photon particles stayed in exactly the same position and shape of the DNA strand.

This is amazing evidence , as nothing in conventional physics allows for such an effect to occur, yet with this experiment and study alone, there is now observable and documented proof that DNA, the substance that composes each and every one of us, can have a powerful Effect on the world (energy of everything) around us.


Well this experiment is important as it tells us mainly, that there is a direct relationship between DNA and the energy our world is made up of. There are two certainties from the many conclusions we may draw up from this demonstration, one being, A type of energy exists that has previously gone unrecognised, and also, CELLS/DNA influence matter through this form of energy.

This experiment, THE PHANTOM DNA EFFECT has allowed us to see, that under the right laboratory conditions and with the proper equipment, we can document, that, DNA changed the behaviour of the light particles,(photons) the essence of our world, the same way as perhaps, that Ancient traditions and Spiritual Texts have informed us all along and for so long?

ULTIMATELY it has validated that we do, in fact, have a direct Effect on the world around us.


Around the same time frame that The Phantom DNA Effect was being recorded, similar experiments were being conducted by the U.S Army. They were testing the power of emotion on DNA and living cells.

Volunteers were hooked up to specially designed electrometers, then they were played a series of graphic video images (from comedy to erotica to torture), this was to create genuine states of ‘feeling’ so they could collect a broad range of emotional fluctuation.

As expected, the peaks and dips in electrical responses from the volunteers coincided perfectly with the changes in the emotional stimuli from the images.

The next phase, and this is where it becomes interesting, was they took tissue/DNA swabs from the volunteers, and placed them in a vault several hundred feet away, and repeated the experiment.

Strangely enough, the tissue/DNA samples, locked hundreds of feet away, still, registered the same electrical peaks and dips, with the volunteer’s emotional response to graphical video stimuli. More recently this experiment was performed by Dr CLEVE BACKSTER, with a distance of 350 miles away, from the volunteer to their DNA. Even at this extreme distance in experiments gauged by an atomic clock, the volunteer and their CELLS/DNA, responded absolutely identically, simultaneously.

With this experiment alone, the fact the volunteer and his CELLS/DNA are separated by 350 miles suggests the volunteers emotions, dot not ‘travel anywhere’ but rather are already, everywhere!

This experiment may also grant credibility to such practises as prayer? Or even energy healing?

It does, however, tell us one thing for sure, it certainly shows that emotion, and intention, can produce measurable physiological results at any distance.


In this third experiment, conducted around the same time also, by The Institution of HeartMath in Northern California, Scientists began by isolating Human DNA in glass beakers, then exposed them to ‘COHERENT EMOTION’, which is an intentionally created physiological state, achieved by practising specially designed mental/emotional self management techniques through meditation.

Volunteers trained in applying coherent emotion, directed it towards the glass beakers and actually succeeded in changing both the physical and chemical structures of the DNA!! Different directed intentions produced varying effects on the DNA molecules, causing them to wind or unwind, change shape or even separate atomic/chemical components.

In further studies, The HeartMath Institute found that our hearts, actually have the strongest magnetic field in the body, and that field, has an effect well beyond our actual bodies.

When we feel love or joy, our heart’s magnetic field relaxes and UNWINDS DNA, But when we feel anger, frustration, anxiety, the DNA WINDS UP.

Furthermore, when tested for immune response, researchers found that relaxed DNA performed more proficiently than the control group, whilst the tightened DNA performed far worse.

This PROVES scientifically that positive/negative emotions alter both DNA and our Immune systems, which means, our emotional states are significantly contributing to our physical health and well being.


The first experiment by Vladamir Poponin tells us that HUMAN DNA has a direct effect on the vibration of light.

The U.S Army Experiment tells us that, whether we are in the same room as our DNA or separated by distances of hundreds of miles, we are still connected to its molecules, and the effect is the exact same.

The HeartMath Experiment also tells us that Human emotion has a direct effect on DNA, which in turn, directly affects the stuff our world is made up of!

This is quite simply an inner technology, that does more than tell us Our Emotions can have an effect on our bodies and on the world around us, it shows us, that this EFFECT Actually works and it Actually exists.!!

SOOOOO.. with all this wonderful information we have, how does this affect things? It doesn’t really, but what it does do is allow us to ask ourselves questions.

Whether you are a spirit seeker, a sensitive, a religious individual practising from an ancient belief system, or from more recent based religions, or indeed a non believer, we have to question how we perceive our reality.

Does having fear, create a fearful environment and allow us to see, hear and feel fearful things?

Does being a light worker allow us to sense positive emotion from other sources?

Do mediums and sensitive’s pick up from the emotions given off by the individuals around them??


Are they picking up from emotions, positive or negative left there from times gone by? Stone tape Theory?

Can we form our own destiny?, and have the ability to help our own ailments and others ailments too?

These Experiments leave us with many unanswered, and several answered questions too.

As we know Einstein made a Theory about Energy. ‘IT CANNOT BE CREATED, NEITHER CAN IT BE DESTROYED’ but that is another article….

I hope this gives you, the reader, an insight and a chance to form your own judgement on SCIENCE lending it’s hand to SPIRITUALITY, for a change, which to me, can only be a remarkable thing on our Individual journeys throughout our time here.




By Clare Burrows


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