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Do You Believe Ghost Adventures Is REAL?

Ghost Adventures the most SUCCESSFUL paranormal TV Show of all time. But is it real? Public Poll Revealed!

An american tv show, which is very popular in the states and UK. mainly appeals to the females of the community. its a statistic that there is over 75% of women active in the field. Men tend to do private research groups and teams. more women tend to take to the ghost hunting event scenes or… attend ghost hunting events.  this is why men investigators stand out more because there are fewer of them so they are noticed more within the big paranormal pool.

I predicted 25 – 35% would say its FAKE.  and 65 – 75% say its REAL.

Ghost adventures have their head screwed on and they realise they dont need to FAKE activity to get ratings or fans. There is other ways to pull in the audiences…

  1. Good Lucks – Its no brainier to know a success to any show is a good looking presenter female or male.
  2. Dramatics – i feel this show has to much dramatics but chicks dig it. for me its OVER THE TOP. but for the female audience its sexy and entertaining.
  3. Fresh – unlike most haunted they think up new ideas and methods from time to time.
  4. Blame the producers – if there is any foul play the producers are to blame, the presenters have such a huge fan base, its like a shield of protection from attacks and its the producers who get the stick.

So with the vote i guessed the majority of the female community voted for REAL. despite that they may know its put on. Expect for the female skeptics out there who voted no along side the male skeptics. which i guess to be 25% of the community. and i guess another 10% onto the fake vote by the people who generally dont trust TV shows.

3 thoughts on “Do You Believe Ghost Adventures Is REAL?

  1. I think the paranormal reality shows definitely add some hype. That’s just my opinion as a young paranormal investigator. Catch my team on Facebook-Bad to The Bone Paranormal. We are a young team making big things happen !

  2. As much as I dislike how it’s changed from 3 guys with camcorders and voice recorders, and the way that it is now a show where they get all the “hotspots” shown and explained to them beforehand, instead of going in blind, then comparing thier experiences and evidence to previous stuff, the absolute nonsense Zak concocts around random words, always ending up with a “demon” or “native American spirits”, the obvious editing, as I’ve seen several continuity mistakes over the years, I still enjoy it, and trying new equipment, whether it be prerecorded EVPs like the fake “TAPS”, I still feel it’s genuine, although I spend a lot of time yelling at the TV saying “ask the same question again” or “why with your budget wasn’t there a camera there?” or “by now you shouldn’t be having to say” did you hear that? ” It appears to be the most genuine since Ghost Lab went off air…

  3. Brilliant show keep up the good work

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