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Is Ghost Hunting REAL?!?!?!

a STRANGE title for this article? a strange question altogether?

Well apparently not, this is actually a question commonly searched, and i wanted to reflect on this question for the people searching this question!

Ghost hunting is a term used by people who go out looking for evidence of the afterlife, do ghosts exist? is there life after death? is there ghost things as spirits, angels, demons etc… so is ghost hunting real? of course it is.

Some people prefer a different terminology for ghost hunting, such as paranormal investigating, some people feel the word ghost hunting isn’t professional and limits them to what they are “researching” paranormal investigating is much more of a wider spectrum to investigate and sounds much more professional.

So yes ghost hunting is real… BUT are the ghosts real we looking for? 

In the community of the paranormal you have a few categories of people and agendas / paths, Some will be dedicated to research going to places and seeing what it has to offer. Some will be doing it as a business and sell tickets “ghost hunts”, Some will be doing it for fun and entertainment..

So really thinking about it, its not a stupid question after all, i rather do see why people have searched the question. with a complete mix of agendas in the field i guess it can misdirect people as to what we are really doing here, as we see all different people leading all different paths and doing different things in different ways.

Also with the negativity of some TV shows, “caught faking evidence of the paranormal” that will also lead people to type that very question, so yet again im going to say Ghost Hunting IS REAL. people really do, do it, and take it seriously… but dont trust everything you see, watch or read 😉

The “ghost” we are hunting “researching” “investigating has not yet scientifically  been proven to exist. 

What do you think. Please feel free to comment and share your views.


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  1. Lee, I completely agree with your assessment of “Ghost Hunting”- a term that I disfavor – I even think it’s a bit disrespectful.
    I see all these groups armed with a variety of electronics marching in to a supposedly “haunted” abode, yet at this time, no-one knows what this phenomenon that we emphatically refer to as a “Ghost” really is. Is it in the mind of the experiencer, or does it manifest in time and space ?; what is it made out of ?; how can it affect and interact with physical objects ?; how is it capable of uttering sounds?; how can we isolate and study this phenomenon so that we can reproduce and demonstrate it ?. All these questions remain unanswered. I wish that a person that really wishes to understand what this phenomena really is should educated him/her self first and foremost, before attempting to conduct any investigation, especially one that involves a panic stricken family.

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