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The Legendary Bigfoot


Bigfoot: Real or the most elaborate hoax in history

We have all heard of the creature known as Bigfoot or maybe you have heard of Sasquatch, these are different names referring to same or similar creatures allegedly living amongst us around the globe but the biggest question we face is: Is it real and or is it all just an elaborate hoax?

Scientists and eyewitnesses from around the world say it is real and have evidence to back up their theories but do any of us know what this creature really is and what is it that people see when people say that they have seen a Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

Sasquatches are said to be 7 to 10 feet in height with red, brown or black coloured hair. There are reports to say that the Sasquatch is often heard making loud screaming and howling noises. Researchers believe that using the technique of repeating the howls can draw a Sasquatch

towards the sound. Others suggest that it may respond back. Some people say that this is nonsense and if it is real then why has it not yet been formally discovered?

With eyewitness accounts from a diverse range of people, from individual in the back gardens who capture footage by chance to seasoned outdoors men, ex-military and police officers all whom give similar description and even producing similar if not almost identical evidence then it goes without saying that these people are either seeing the same thing or there is one rather large global conspiracy going on!

The evidence that has been presented over the years in the form of photographs, videos both captured by individuals and by game cams is readily available and in large quantities. Some of this evidence is what is considered inconclusive as it is difficult to establish how genuine it may be or if there has it has been edited, however there is also some evidence that it is very difficult to ignore. For me the one source of evidence that throws up numerous questions are the footprints that have been discovered.

Now these would surely be a little more difficult to fake.

Over the years thousands of footprints have been discovered. One person that has been played a part in analysing some of the these has been Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Dr. Meldrum is a professor of anatomy and anthropology and is an expert in the foot morphology and locomotion of primates.

Dr. Meldrum has long championed the existence of Sasquatch and that these creatures do exist and that all the evidence found does not contribute towards a hoax.

In the past, some none believers have said that the people who do believe in Sasquatch are people who easily believe they have seen something that was not what it seemed. However, many people have been interested and taken time to study in the Sasquatch and have undertaken specialist training in how to spot real sightings and footage from fake and edited images.

Possibly on of the most famous and most recognised pieces of footage amongst the Sasquatch research community is the Patterson- Gimlin film. This piece of footage has undergone significant scrutiny and has had harsh criticism but to this date has not been declared a fake.

Does this not mean that the sasquatch does exist? Many would still argue this is not definitive proof of existence.

Scientists, forensic experts, animators, CGI experts, zoologist and anthropologist have watched, studied and dedicated a large amount of time to this film and other pieces of evidence and have said that this culmination is one that is difficult to ignore.


The question now should be with all the evidence, eyewitnesses and sheer amount of qualified professional that have been involved with sasquatch research of the years in the slow steady stream it arrives that now it is time for a through scientific investigation into the area of the animal planet that we still know so little about. Is science not supposed to be finding out about thing we do not understand and discovering things that we do not know?

These are my thoughts, please if you have enjoyed this article or would like to discuss this further leave your comment in our blog, or get in touch via the contact page.

Until next time keep looking, keep listening and keep alert Sasquatch may be closer than you think.


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