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The famous haunted doll? attacks again and spooks news reporter??

What a wild and bumpy week for the Doll-Tergeist.

DOLL 3The Creepy Bridal Doll has taken media by storm, most likely the most talked about alleged haunted doll within the paranormal world. with so much hype is annabell the doll to really watch???

With new news outlets around the world reporting the story every day so far. The sun, The mirror, Daily mail, Royal mail, Yahoo, Ladbible, Viral, Pedestrian, topix, Daily News and so much more.

One even did a animated re creation of the story… before the doll went to Deborah Davies Psychic Medium BUT there is now more to add to the STORY!

Before i do, i want to state “we haven’t said the doll is haunted” we are simply reporting what is happening around the doll. We are logging all events and trying to capture as much of it as possible. 

So now for more reported happening,

Journalist for news paper experiences something odd..???

Rotherham advertiser arrive at the house to take pictures and to talk to me about the story.  out of all the news papers they are the ones to really put my actual words on the print. so credit to them. the next day after the interview i had an email saying


So one of the reported phenomenons from debbie the old owner said it set off her smoke alarms at night, this guy from the papers comes to the house and that night his smoke

Image may contain: 3 people, text

trigger off, Also the pictures of my dads scratches he was having trouble with. Like he said it could be just coincidence but still something we have to log of whats reported.

The Creepy Bridal Doll Moves To A NEW House…

the 3rd house the doll has now gone to and yes we have NEW reports… So who has the doll now? Deborah Davies Psychic Medium, we figured we want a medium to read the doll, to give us an honest opinion on the doll in question. Debs said sure and it went from there. we decided to do a LIVE hand over. (Video bottom of page) On the hand over we had a nice chat and did the live stream where viewers would say they could see the eyes moving and mouth. after the live stream, it wasn’t long until we saw a few live streams and the experiments began Here is what is reported while the doll has been there. 

  1. First incident, was debs Tablet Turning it self on. 
  2. One of Debs live viewers reported a Cut. CUT
  3. Viewers Report Glitching Video. 
  4. The Live feed changes Colour. 
  5. This is who debs feels is attached to the doll. 
  6. Her Ring goes missing and then… The burn attacks?? Image may contain: one or more people and closeup
  7. Was This An EVP Captured?

For now the doll is still with Deborah.

The Animated story. 


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