EXPOSED Psychic Medium – Lillyanne Lets Stop Clowning Around Now…

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EXPOSED Psychic Medium – With the massive craze on dolls at the moments its on most peoples agenda to try and capitalise on the trend of whats buzzing around and the trend at the moment is the “creepy bridal doll” so everyone get your dolls out.  BUT IF YOU DO.. DO NOT Fake and leave your evidence behind for others to see!

Today we expose: lillyanne psychic medium

THE HAUNTED CLOWN Doll – Which flys / falls off the chair… 


To the left of the arm you will see a small fishing wire, if you flick between both pictures you will see the fishing wire actually moves down the picture as the doll also moves down.

Why would she or anyone do this?

Its always a sad day when you catch someone who does this type of thing, to me it sure looks like this is indeed happening “based of what i see within the video / picture”

Share with the world this simple but yet important article, a lesson for us all. Look more closely at what we are watching..

The Creepy Bridal Doll – Which belongs to us at Paranormal Magazine. is the reason why alot of hype is out there around dolls, we just wish that people would stay true.

Watch our live opening of the FAMOUS alleged haunted doll

Lee The Sceptic.