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Start of My Paranormal Journey….

By Kyle Thompson

Soul Reaper Paranormal 

On November the 8th 1987 my mother gave birth to me at Barnsley hospital in south yorkshire. 

We grew up on a council estate called worsbrough common. The whole place was built upon on old military hill fort.

Built upon an ancient burial ground

To me it makes sense after all the street I spent most of my younger years playing on is actually noted as being the highest point in Barnsley. This made it a perfect strategic location to build a fort. 

Before we moved into number 78 my nan and grandad used to live there and he always tells me a story about a soldier. 

He got up one night and had used the toilet on his way back to the bedroom he looked down the landing and saw what he describes as a military man. Now this soldier did not say a word neither did it acknowledge him. The apparition simply walked through the wall.

To me this sounds like a ghost and ghosts are simply residual energies. They are believed to be from a past moment in kinda like a glitch in time and space if you like.

Shocked at what he had seen he froze in fear before running into the bedroom and going back to bed. I remember this story clearly as he always mentions it.

An old map of worsbrough common

Anyway some years later we moved into number 78 and almost immediately unexplainable events would take place. 

My little brother was around 3-4 years old at the time and we both used to sleep in the back bedroom. Almost every bedtime he would scream and refuse to go into that room. He couldn’t speak very well and all he would say was monsters! monsters! followed by a strange foreign name that I can’t recall anymore.

The room felt dark and it was always cold. Even the pet cat would go crazy in there and start scratching and attacking us for no apparent reason. It seemed totally out of character and it would only act this way once it was in the room.

I can always remember the horrendous scream my brother let out one particular evening. We were decorating the house and black bin liners were all over the landing. They were filled with old wallpaper which had been scraped off the wall.

Derek my younger brother was sat on the toilet when he let out this horrific scream. Panicking I ran up stairs to see what had happened. He said he was having a number two when he look towards the stairs. He said that a skeleton was looking it at him from around the corner, when all of a sudden it sprinted towards him before vanishing in front of his eyes. He described it as having red eyes and made of bones.

Could the monster be a demonic entity?

On the wall outside my sister’s room there was a strange face. No matter how much you scrubbed it, bleached it or even wallpapered over it, the face just kept coming back. In the end we put this down to mould. 

My sister tells me about how she once heard a voice say come on Amy, it’s time to go. She describes it quite clearly. A women’s voice.

As she walked towards it she realised it wasn’t normal and ran off. 

My own personal experiences didn’t start really until I was around 10 years of age.

We left number 78 and moved into another house, still in worsbrough common, just up the road.

One night I had fell asleep upstairs where I was watching a late night football match. Eventually falling into a deep sleep I was suddenly woken up.

My face was touching the ceiling, scared and unable to move, I floated there for a good few seconds before my body was lowered back down on to the bed.

I now know this was not an outer body experience as my body was not on the bed it was in the air!. It was as if I had been levitated by an unseen force.

My whole body was levitated

I have had many experiences since then. One included the voice of my mother. I was sat downstairs playing on the PlayStation like any 14 year old would do. When all of a sudden my mother shouted me to go upstairs.

As I walked up stairs she kept calling my name. What! I shouted, eager to get back to my game. Come here, she replied so as I walked into the room, it struck me!

She wasn’t even in. Instantly it had dawned on me what had happened. Every hair on my body stood up on end as the room turned ice cold. I made a dash for the stairs and as I made my way down them at the speed of a thousand gazelles copper coins were being thrown at me.

I sat outside for a good hour until my mother returned from shopping. I told her what had happened and in the end we put it down to being my imagination. But it wasn’t the coins were still at the bottom of the stairs.

I have seen many things I can’t explain since this moment and my senses are growing stronger everyday.

Since I began paranormal investigating almost two years ago I have heard voices calling my name, seen shadow beings and even being touched by unseen forces.

I will never stop investigating as I want to prove not only to myself but to others that the afterlife is real.

If you would like to see any of our investigations please search soul reaper paranormal on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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