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The Unorthodox Ouija Board Experiment – We Are The Innovations

Friday the 24th of  Feb, Team project paranormal set their goals on another original experiment to cement in our milestones of achievements.



The Unorthodox Ouija Board Experiment You Will have Never Seen Before… 

Since the birth of project Paranormal the fans have been dieing for us to do an Ouija board live, as a true team of innovations we strive to be different and to push the boundary of the paranormal world in ways to challenge the “spirit world” and to challenge the human mind. everything we do, we think out of the box on ways to bring you new research, ideas and methods. with the goal is proving life after death exits eventually and spreading education along the way, and bringing new fresh research to the table.

So you asked us to do an Ouija Board, we couldn’t just stop there..and do a simple oujia board experiment, to boring and predictable we want to prove ghosts exists?? YES WE DO, so we had to think up of a way to challenge the spirits and of course the method in use..

People sit around a table placing their finger tips upon the edge of a glass or “planchette” asking spirits to move the glass, whats the problem with this experiment why hasn’t this already proved that ghosts exists? well because there is human contact is the main reason,

The 3 main beliefs of what moves a glass on a board is: 1. Someone purposefully moving it to have a laugh, 2. The Subconscious mind “what we cant control 100% or 3… A ghost…”

The majority of info that comes through can easily be researched for someone to “purposely push, or subconsciously push” so we need to take this into consideration for our experiment what had to think on how to make it HARD, and EVEN harder for the subconscious mind if it was that controlling the glass on the board.

project-para-amazonnnSo we thought a blind fold was needed to blind the people who would take part on the board which was 4 guests who won to come along to take part in the experiment “non team members” yes its been done before.. but we had a sneaky plan to let the people see the board in front of them while doing some ITC, so their subconscious mind would collect information which could then be in play later on.. Now it was time to do the Experiment. with the blind folds on,  the Ouija board seems to be working going to the right answers. so now it was time to confuse the matters, To test the spirits and the MIND, moving the board to different locations, throwing off the “visual mental image” placing the board in all different ways, side ways, length ways, rotating, taking the board off the table, passing it around the edge asking the spirit to follow the board and much more ways to challange the board, DOES IT WORK?.. This will be without a doubt a NEW AGE, Unorthodox Ouija Board Experiment You Will have Never Seen Before…

Watch Below


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