Equinox 15: Stocksbridge Bypass. The Research.

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Equinox 15: Stocksbridge Bypass – Introduction. – Please Check It Out.

Equinox 15: Stocksbridge Bypass – The Legends. – Please Check It Out.

Stocksbridge Bypass.

The Research.

After learning about a few myths and legends with regards to Stocksbridge Bypass and the alleged claim of it been one of the most haunted roads in Britain we decided to do some research into the area to see if there is anything that can help back up the stories that are out there. We did not just stick to the Stocksbridge area as you will see we looked at a few other areas that had connections to it with regards to religious influence as one of the claims is of a monk.


Stocksbridge before the 18th century was largely a wooded area that had a few scattered farming cottages and a mill or two. From the 18th century moving forward that’s when…

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