Equinox 15: Stocksbridge Bypass. The Legends.

Red Ridge X

Equinox 15: Stocksbridge Bypass – Introduction. – Please Check It Out.

Stocksbridge Bypass.

The Legends.

As we got together we decided to have a quick look at what information we have connected with the legends around the area of Stocksbridge. We decided to do this to help give us an idea what we could look for or ask about on both the physical and nonphysical plane. Below we will look at the legends we have at hand and as we go along we will research into these legends for any evidence.

Legends From the Net.

We had a look on the internet to see if there were any legends of the Stocksbridge Bypass and what claims were behind them. We obviously found a lot covering this location but what they had in common is the mention of a monk. We found two recurring reasons for the haunting,

  • One legend talks…

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