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Equinox 15: Stocksbridge Bypass.

Equinox 15: Stocksbridge Bypass.Date: January 15, 2017Author: Red Ridge X0 Comments With the begining of 2017 we at Red Ridge X are happy to start this year working on the Equinox 15 Project. The Equinox 15 Project is a joint venture between Red Ridge X and Project Paranormal. 15 years ago the founders of Red Ridge X and Project Paranormal first started out together working in a team called Project Reveal. After a few years the founders investigated different areas of the paranormal and occult but always staying in touch with each other and remaining friends. This year we have decided to get together and work on a few projects bringing in different view points, techniques and to have a laugh on the way. We hope you enjoy.Stocksbridge Bypass.One of Red Ridge X`s first outings with Project Paranormal that we have planned

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