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Ghost Appears during an Ice Storm blackout

Is this a ghost? You decide.

Your Name.:Philysteak
What could this possibly be? Last night during the Ice Storm Black Out that we
had here in Wellington Ontario I snapped a picture of this strange Entity that
was floating around the house. By the time I tried to take another picture it
was gone. There was no flash and no lights because of the black out. And it was
there for about 5 -10 seconds or so.

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Thank you, will appear in issue 4!.

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6 thoughts on “Ghost Appears during an Ice Storm blackout

    1. Hi thanks for your comment. If you have any articles for issue 4 we can publish them with links.

  1. Sorry, the entity by phillisteak seems to me a reflection in the window.

    1. Hi there thanks for your comments. And thank you for contributing.

  2. Sorry, to me it seems a reflection in the window.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I hope you will be able to help more of our client’s out. Thank you.

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