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Open Day – The Haunted Objects Museum – Rotherham – 13th July

Open Day Ticket – The Haunted Objects Museum.

Join Us On Our FIRST Open Day at the haunted objects museum Poltergeist House. £5.00 entry into the museum. explore 9 rooms of paranormal. Or visit our paranormal shop to see what we have on offer. Our Museum is home to the uks most famous haunted items tt ever exist.. Like the bridal doll which was featured on ITV This morning, The Sinister Painting, Love letters picture, The Ash Doll, The Dybbuk Box, Devils Toy Box, Samuel, Scarlet, and so much more to see and explore. We are not just only a museum for the haunted items we are a museum for the equipment used in paranormal investigations, as you walk around you can lean about all different pieces of equipment and methods used in ghost hunting. We Hope to see you with us on the 13th July. FOR THIS HISTORY DAY.


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