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The Poltergeist house in Rotherham is the most talked about venue this year for paranormal investigators.

The home to the haunted objects museum in a known POLTERGEIST HOUSE. with the first 9 teams experiencing paranormal activity it seems the activity is not stopping, paranormal investigators from all over the UK are flooding in to check the place out! on this article we want to show you the rooms in the Poltergeist HOUSE Museum.

  1. The Base Room – A large room which leads into the Kitchen area, a sofa and also has the picture “shadow man” on display.

2. The Front Room – Soon to be the shop of the museum, contains famous voodoo doll, Electro Shock therapy Machine. In this room things are said to be moved around.

The Front Room – Poltergeist House

3. The Cellar – a very dark and creepy underground which contains the Vicars Mirror, and a slate Ouija boad.

4. Stairs – The Stairs which lead upto the museum is reported to be haunted a ghostly woman has been seen at the top of them when Jane and rob use to run the property.

5.The Crying Boy Room – This room has a reported death where someone was burned to death, this room is also home to the crying boy paintings which are said to be cursed.

5. The Doll ROOM – this room contains many dolls, with only a few of them having reported haunting’s – The Terrible Twins – Scarlet – Samuel. this room also contains a spirit cabinet area.

6. The Bridal Doll Room – Home to the bridal doll this room is said to be haunted. the smell of roses sometimes appear, and this was once the bridal room many years ago so we decided this will be the perfect home for the bridal DOLL. World famous haunted doll, which has been on ITV this morning, and featured all over the world.

7. The Sinister Room – Home to the famous haunted painting Sinister – Love letters, The hands resisit them, and many more. In this room shadows are reported to walk the hallways. (This Room has now IMPROVED)

8. The Evil Room – Home to the worlds most evil items – Dybukk box, The Jinn, Emily rose cross, bible, human ash doll.

9. The Bedroom – Said to be the most active place in the house.

The bedroom poltergesit house

Other pictures.

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