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Did Sally Morgan FAKE her ghost video?

Recently a video emerged of sally Morgan, one of UK’s most famous leading mediums, on this video was an image captured which came from behind her and swooped to the right. people took to her page and social media calling it fake!!

Tbh i dont blame people for calling it fake, because its a natural instinct to ridicule evidence if you didn’t capture it yourself with 1000s and 1000s of fake videos added daily to social media its bound to happen. however i was asked to give my views and options on this video. “IS IT FAKE”

Is it fake?

It doesn’t look to be faked, this was LIVE directly onto facebook, through FACEBOOK LIVE API. (Facebook app) the video would have been in widescreen if it was done via a live stream software on a laptop, and it wouldn’t have the tags LIVE API. So it is not possible to add or edit any image onto the video through normal LIVE streaming modes.

Do i think its a ghost? No, lets not forget i am a skeptic i dont believe in ghosts, i think this could have a natural explanation to it cause.

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