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Ghosts of Britain Network – Due To Launch Next Week.

Ghosts of Britain NETWORK due to launch new week!! – Ghosts of Britain are 1 of the 100 lucky people selected by Facebook to take part in launching a brand new network on Facebook. We and 99 other people are responsible for the future and pioneering the way forward for the new product and video management experience.

Why Join The Ghosts Of Britain Network?

TRY FOR 7 DAYS free – then £3.75 per month to join the exclusive network on FACEBOOK.

  • The place to watch and share anything paranormal. Network Benefits:
  • – No Trolls & Privacy Protected members do not like other family members to be able to see what they are talking about in groups, this group is closed and only NETWORK members will see your posts.
  • – The Haunted World TV Show – Watch our amazon prime tv show right here on the network. This would normally cost: prime subscription $12.99 a month – Without Prime each video retails at £2.49.
  • – Behind The Scenes Content. – Watch exclusive behind the scenes content only posted within the GOB NETWORK.
  • – Exclusive NETWORK LIVE Stream Investigations – Watch live extra time & Exclusive paranormal investigations only released to network members
  • – Read Our Published Books – Feel free to download and read our published books which made it into the second best sellers rank on amazon!!
  • – Investigation LOG Book. (PDF) – Download our paranormal investigation data readings log book.
  • – Monthly Giveaways – Every month we will be giving away a free gift, either ghost hunts, equipment or merch!
  • – Choose where GOB investigates by Polls – By becoming a member of GOB network you will be taking part in research polls which will direct us investigating the places you want us to!
  • – Video Tutorials (Coming Soon) – We will be doing a ghost hunting guide in the form of video / live tutorials on best practices
  • – Hall Of Fame ( Coming Soon) – The hall of fame is where members of our fan-page can appear, one person a week will be selected. To try and enter the hall of fame simply post something on our page! A picture (you own) A story, or a live screen shot one of our investigations.

Members can also post anything of a paranormal nature like a
Picture, video, question. ONE Rule: Respect everyone’s views and opinions, You the Ghosts of Britain network Members are truly going to shape the future of GOB fan page LIVE Streams, Enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Ghosts of Britain Network – Due To Launch Next Week.

  1. Yay !!! Well done Gobbies !!!

    1. Thank you

  2. Will this be available to people outside the UK?

    1. Hi there yes it will.

      1. Awesome. I can’t wait!

  3. Cant wait

    1. thank you so much 🙂

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