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Ghosts of Britain WORK’s with facebook “beta testing” – The Ghosts Of Britain Network

Big news which can be revealed is that ghosts of Britain is now working closely with Facebook, beta testing products. we are proud to say we are 1 of 100 people selected to try out this product within the world and keep communication with FB to better the experience.

The Ghosts Of Britain Network.

Over the next coming days you will learn more about the new product made by Facebook

  • What to expect in the network
  • How the network functions
  • When the official roll out date is

This is truly exciting times for ghosts of Britain, and for our fans who truly support us and enjoy the content we produce LIVE and PRE Recorded. in the past 2 months we have had close to one million video views on our fan page LIVE STREAMS. Each and every week new people come to our streams and keep coming back.

We have the best fans / followers / supporters in the world! Thank you.

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