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Paranormal Video Exposed. FAKE

Here we have a paranormal video EXPOSED where the people who uploaded it LEFT A MISTAKE FOR US ALL TO SEE!!!

But who saw it?

So we all know youtube is the leading platform for videos, and loads of people have jumped onto youtube to make a quick buck by faking evidence of the paranormal.

Here we have 2 guys who are sleeping, and we are supposedly watching them on a CCTV camera with a time stamp, (which is very oddly position in an area where time stamps dont show) which shows date and time. Makes it believable right?

Not to me. its easy to fake a timestamp by overlaying a “time stamp video”

next the door opens very typical stuff to happen on these types of videos. moments later the guys legs lift up and they keep lifting up making it impossible for the guy to be doing it himself without help.

With watching this i knew how it was done. so i watched the video again to see if i could spot any mistake with the way it was done.

With a green screen suite which a person would wear. walk into the room grab the mans ankles and pulls them up. when he gets near to the top you will see the guys socks DISAPPEAR.  that is the mistake there.  the socks become see through which shows 2 pieces of footage was shot. 1 the room on its own. and 2 the footage of the man been pulled out of the bed. both footage are then merged and the hand which is grabbing the guys foot makes his foot disappear into thin air.

Please watch this video and leave your support. and dont forget to email us if you spot that anyone leaves a mistake!



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