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The Druids Temple GHOSTS – North Yorkshire

Last week the team ventured to the druids temple in north Yorkshire to investigate its ghostly goings on which have been reported by visitors from far away, which choose to visit this truly stunning location.

Joined by mark smith and his partner from “paranormal-x” this was sure to be an interesting night.

Upon arrival mark did a live stream on his youtube to start with. this was a very interesting live stream, we got no mention of druids which we would expect to be mentioned but we did get multiple references to witches, which we found strange because we are not aware of any witches here. but that doesn’t mean that there cant be any!

After marks live video we started the second live stream on ghosts of Britain Facebook.

Investigators of Project-reveal ghosts of britain: Lee Steer, Phil, Aimee, Hollie. Paranormal x: Mark Smith and Nicky.

this is where we had an experiment to try out, which i personally haven’t attempted before. and it sure did make some people laugh ๐Ÿ˜‰

upon the start of the live stream we got a few of our names mentioned on the ITC “ghost box” it also seemed to open up by saying HI to begin with. later through the night we ventured into the stone circle where the signal wasn’t great, we got a few more responses saying witches which was very interesting.

It was then time to start the experiment, which was to dress up as a OCCULTIST, and use a modified version of the DEVILS TOY BOX, This place is allaged to be a place to worship the devil for people so it seemed a good place to try it. i didn’t inform everyone what i was going to do so it was a little bit of a shock to them.

Wearing a white mask, and a long black robe with the hood up. sure did look spooky and scary and certainly it would be how a occultist would look. without the Adidas trainers ๐Ÿ˜‰

I quickly ran up the hill to the right of the stones, and got changed and started to slowly walk down to the circle very slow. trying to build up a “feeling” this kind of method is called the Singapore theory, which is a way to try to either “make the spirits feel more at home to communicate” or to “antagonise them” knowing i am not an occultist so it will anger them.

When i reached the bottom, i slowly walked into the centre and the beauty of been live i knocked the cable of the spirit box which was connected to the devils toy box. improving alittle i kicked the devils toy box. making it feel i didnt want it there. i walked into the distance into the cave area and picked up a toy demons / pigs head. and as about to throw it onto the ground. the ITC said HEAD. and at one point it said death one of the team said. nothing much happened after with the experiment.

Aimee decided we have a few mins of silence without talking or doing anything each choosing a stone to stand at. after our few mins of silence we all came back into the centre and shared our thoughts and what we heard.

With all of our thoughts it was clear we all heard something, lee and mark heard the same thing and the girls on the other side heard the same thing but described it differently. it was like a rumble which we was sure wasn’t anyone around us.

the next day i woke up to see at 11.14pm north yorkshire had an earth quake. was it that what we heard? we dont know but it was sure interesting. here is the live video.

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