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The Skirrid Inn

   The Skirrid Inn: The Most Haunted Pub in Wales


The Skirrid Inn is the oldest pub in wales and is a hot spot for paranormal activity!… Dating back to the 17th century and has a long and dark history. It is said that the first floor of the inn was used as a court of law. It is also said that some of the people that stood trail were sentenced to death within its walls.


Apparently around 180 people were executed in the pub the people that were sentenced to death were hung by the neck from a rope that was said to have been attached to an oak beam at the top of the staircase. There are even indentations to this day from where the rope left its mark. It’s the pubs history that makes people believe the pub is haunted along with the many sighting or paranormal encounters. It is said that Judge Jeffries who sentenced so many people to death haunts the upstairs of the pub and he is apparently searching for his next victim!


Another common spectre is to haunt the pub is a sheep rustler called John Crowther and the many criminals that lost their lives there are said to still haunt the location. It’s worth noting that it is said that the pub has some friendly ghost too… A clergy man and a former land lady called Fanny price are said to haunt the pub Fanny is said to make herself known by flinging a glass across the bar It is thought she died of consumption at the age of 35! Fanny is buried in the local St Michael’s churchyard.


A multitude or bizarre and sometimes disturbing phenomenon is often reported by guest of the pub, A common complaint of guest is that of a feeling of being strangled and when people look closer at their necks what appear to be rope marks can be seen! Other complaints are of a feeling of dizziness, nausea, overwhelming fear and a sense some invisible being that pushes past people on the stairs!

Other reports are that of disembodied voices, objects floating around the bar area, unexplained knocking and other sounds such as footsteps and doors opening and slamming by themselves. It is no wonder why some many paranormal investigators and researches visit this pub as it is not only wales oldest pub but most likely its most haunted too.



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