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The Orang Pendek Is Said To Be Bigfoot’s Little Cousin…

The Orang Pendek: Bigfoot’s Little Cousin

The orang Pendek is said to be Bigfoot’s little cousin… Located in the jungles of Sumatra, Indonesia. Well known by the locals and spotted on a regular basis the orang Pendek is said to be about 3-foot-tall and have reddish/brown coloured fur.
The creature is said to stand on two feet making it bipedal and features humanoid characteristics… Although this creature is small it is supposed to have extreme strength and can easily uproot small trees and is reported as being very fast. Although this creature is likened to a primate it spends most of its time on the ground and not in the trees! It is believed to be primarily vegetarian, as it tends to eat the crops of the local people. Locals tend to stay out of its way due to its brute strength.
Not just locals have seen this creature as many westerners have also claimed to have seen this allusive creature. Many doctors and scientist have shown an interest in the creature and some have claimed to of had an encounter with the creature. Even spending large parts of their lives searching for the beast. There has been physical evidence too, in the form of footprints and hair samples that have been study, and all have come back as belonging to an undocumented primate…
Of recent there has been quite possibly the best piece of visual evidence yet! Which was a video and in the video, you can see a group of people on bikers riding through the forested area and in front of them is what appears to be a small bipedal primate with reddish/ brown fur! Many have claimed this to be the orang Pendek! I believe that if there is going to be an undiscovered primate species then chances are it will be discovered in a place that hasn’t been properly explored or a place that is so vast that a species like this could live without being detected. So, it is quite possible for the Orang Pendek to exist.
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