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The Legend of The Mothman:

The Mothman: Real or a case of mistaken identity

The legend of the Mothman started on November 12, 1966 and ended on December 15, 1967 and took place in point pleasant, west Virginia. The first sighting of the Mothman was on November 12, 1966 by some graveyard diggers, who claimed that the creature flew down from some trees and straight over their heads!
The next sighting happened on November 15th by Roger Scarberry, his wife and three other people after the sighting they all ran to the Mason County court house. They reported seeing a 7 Foot creature with wings and glowing red eyes! The deputy on duty that night said he believed the people to be telling the truth. Point pleasant was a close-knit community and he trusted these people and didn’t think that they were lying.

It was not long after these first two sighting that the word got out about the alleged sightings and the local mounted a search party to find the creature to kill it! But they were unsuccessful. More sightings were spotted over the course of the next year and the same description was always given; a 7-foot-tall creature with wings and glowing red eyes! There is so much to this story and we plan on doing a full podcast episode on it soon, but here are a few of the possible explanations given to support the sightings: An owl that people mistook for the Mothman, a mutant crane or even that the an alien these were some of the explanations given! However, the most believed theory especially amongst the locals was that the creature was there to warn them of an impending disaster that was looming. As on December 15th, the silver bridge mysteriously collapsed killing 46 people!

People on that day claimed to have seen the creature on the bridge and believed it was trying to warn them of what was about to happen. So then, after reading this; What do you think it was? Was it a real creature that was there to warn the people of point pleasant or just a case of mistaken identity?



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