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Creepy True Tale Tuesdays – Voice In My Head

Charlene Lowe Kemp


In 1984, a woman was sitting at home reading when she suddenly heard a very clear voice inside her head. The voice told her,

“Please don’t be afraid. I know it must be shocking for you to hear me speaking to you like this, but this is the easiest way I could think of. My friend and I used to work at the Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street, and we would like to help you.”

She was A healthy woman and had no previous recorded illnesses, she was born in continental Europe in the mid-1940s and settled in Britain in the late 1960s. After a series of jobs, she got married, started a family, and settled down to a full time commitment as a housewife and mother. She rarely went to her general practitioner as she enjoyed good health and had never had any hospital treatment. Her children had also been in good health.
After a series of medical tests, including psychological assessments, the patient was eventually diagnosed with a large benign meningioma brain tumour. The voice continued to speak to her throughout the medical testing.
After she had surgery to remove the tumour, the patient heard from the voices one last time after regaining consciousness when she heard them say,

“We are pleased to have helped you. Goodbye.”

She reported no post-surgical problems and never heard the voice again. The study of a patient diagnosing her own brain tumour with help of mysterious voices in her head was published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ).


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