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The Mysterious death of Zigmund Adamski

   What Happened? The Mysterious Death of Zigmund Adamski


Zigmund Adamski was a polish man that moved to England in 1960. Zigmund and his wife lived in Tingley, Yorkshire. He worked as a miner at Lofthouse colliery. The couple lived happily for years, and in 1980 and on one seemingly ordinary day Adamski left his home to do some shopping but never returned.
His disappearance was completely out of character and was of great concern to his friends and family as they knew he wouldn’t just leave without telling anyone. It was 5 days later that Adamski’s body was found by an on-duty policeman in a coal yard in Todmorden well over 20 miles away from where he lived. Adamski was laying on a pile of coal, still wearing his suit but missing his shirt, However, his watch and wallet were missing.Adamski also had mysterious burns on the back of his head, neck, shoulders and back. There was sings that these burns had been treated with an unknown cream or ointment. After the inquest of his death it was said that although Adamski had been missing for 5 days he hadn’t been dead for that long as was well feed, he had no marks on him to indicate he had been attacked and he only had one days’ worth of beard growth. It was said that Adamski could have only been on the pile of coal for a few hours. The official conclusion of his death was a heart attack. Although, it was thought that he must have been held somewhere before he finally died! However, no one knows where this place was.
However, the mystery gets stranger as the policeman that originally found him, spotted a UFO in the same area and claims he was abducted by aliens. This then led people to think that Zigmund Adamski had also been abducted by aliens and this is what killed him. It’s also worth noting that when his body was first found, it was believed he had been dropped on the pile of coals from above.
The fact that he was missing for 5 days but had only been dead a short time and the mysterious cream or ointment that had been put on his burns, leaves people to believed that Zigmund Adamski was abducted by aliens, plus that location is also known as the UK’s UFO hot spot!
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