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Has Ghost Adventures ruined the Annabelle legend ?

By Nicolle Bryson.

This Halloween we were invited to tour Zak Bagans Haunted Museum In Las Vegas ,along with the rest of the Ghost Adventures team and the infamous Annabelle Doll.

Who is Annabelle ? If you don’t already know Annabelle is rumoured to be the most haunted doll of all time ,with 2 movies under her belt. Taken in by Ed and Lorraine Warren the doll was reported to be causing strange happenings in an apartment where she was owned by 2 student nurses in 1970. The mother of one of the student nurses Donna bought the doll as a birthday gift for her daughter. It wasn’t long until strange things started happening around the home, with the doll moving on her own to different rooms and positions from where she was left and allegedly attacking people in the apartment and even levitating !

The doll has caused such mayhem its now been locked in a glass case in Ed and Lorraine Warrens Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. With reports of harming and even killing a visitor of the museum, the doll has scared many people and is protected in the case with daily prayers and holy water never to be touched by bare hands , where shes only been touched with gloves and holy water for no longer than a minute due to the supposed demonic evil residing inside the doll.


For Halloween this year we got a real treat when viewers where told that the Ghost Adventures team would be handling Annabelle the doll out of the glass case in Zaks own haunted museum. The now official owner of the doll Tony Spera brought the doll along to the museum in a small case where he cleansed his hands in holy water then saying a prayer before putting on gloves to take the doll out of the case placing her on a wooden chair where she is sat upright. Zak places the doll in a room with other alleged haunted dolls where she is sat in a dark room in the chair in the middle of the other dolls . We see what the team refer to as auras and Zak sits next to the doll with another team member where they both report feeling electricity and strong energy beneath the doll,  they place the EVP underneath her where we hear words such as “Listen ” and ” Annabelle “. After a short while Tony places Annabelle in another room where she is sat in the middle of the room again , Zak keeps saying over and over again how he feels connected to the doll and how he really wants to touch the doll, he crawls towards the doll trying to entice the evil energy inside . More words are heard through the EVP where it says “Grab” and “Foot” , Zak then touches Annabelle’s foot were he says it was completely unintentional and he felt Annabelle Commanded him to do so.

annabelle 2

Many viewers have been left feeling disappointed and people who were once strong believers are now saying they believe it to be a hoax. There are many references to the way the doll was handled such as how was the doll allowed in an open space with the team when she has been left in a glass case for years due to being seen as an evil demonic entity. Viewers are also saying how the Ghost Adventures team made it look like a theatrical performance with Zak as the main lead. Others are even reporting that it wasn’t the real doll at all but another raggedy Anne doll because if the doll is as evil as has been reported then why would they allow it to be used in such a way ,especially after stories of the doll causing death to those who have taunted it. Zak has also been called disrespectful by those who have watched the episode after repeatedly being warned to not touch the doll by any means. Shortly after touching the doll the owner came downstairs where he then says to Zak ‘If you have touched that doll you’re in serious danger’. Tony carries on to say that ‘When i said that doll put slashes on somebody, it did ‘, ‘When i said that doll was responsible for killing a kid on a motorcycle it was , Even a priest wasn’t safe’ he is very angry and removes Annabelle from the room and back into her case.

Was there sufficient evidence to make you believe the stories , or could all the strange happenings have been the other spirits that reside in the extremely haunted museum ? Do you believe it was the real doll or was it a replica? Either way it has certainly made an impact on believers and non believers alike. After many famous hauntings being proved to be hoaxes and clever marketing ploys its anyone’s guess.

13 thoughts on “Has Ghost Adventures ruined the Annabelle legend ?

  1. By bringing the doll to the TV show’s set Tony Spera was doing, let’s face it, an advertisment for his in-laws’ museum. BUT things played out not the way he may have intended them. The doll, judging by it’s/her’s own words/EVPs picked/wanted Zak and by asking him to touch her foot the demon residing inside was extracted from the doll and will remain inside Zak’s museum from now on. There is a lot at play here and it’s not about the tv show or Spera’s ownership, cause he is not in charge of anything going on in the spirit world. Of course Zak touched it. I mean IT’S ZAK we are talking about here. We all know he is all in and even if the way he played it in front of the camera seemed arrogant and careless, it was meant to happen and IT WAS ANNABELLE’S CHOICE.

  2. Extremely disrespectful bully Zak, we were duped into believing their alternative motive.. to believe Annabelle now resides into Zak and HIS museum.. what a crock!! Was not the Real Annabelle. Sorry.. but ya’ll just ruined the Legend. If Zak Survives.. I hope His Ratings Die.. He deserves nothing more than to be Bullied back!, He Single Handedly Destroyed a great show with his Smug Atitude and Egotistical Bullshit! I Can Watch Nick and Katrina all day.. Zac needs to get a Grip.

    1. I also Like Paranormal Lockdown with Nick and Katrina.

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  4. no he didnt

  5. Yep – totally destroyed the myth that was Annabelle. Guess no more movies now. Zak has come up against MUCH worse – i.e. ZoZo…. that is where my concern lies for him (and others) not a stupid Raggedy Ann doll that was pumped up to sell tickets to a museum.

    1. i have a real articail that the real doll from back then

  6. Zak just ruined his show .his museum will fail and rightly deserves to.what an egotistical ass he is.tony should give the doll back to his relatives and be put back into the occult meseum pronto..this was the end of his show,and he did it himself.miss Debby Constantino

  7. Aaron needs to leave. Nick did and he’s still investigating. Aaron has more credibility than he knows, it’s just zak bullies him into thinking he needs to stay. That’s why he lost all the weight

  8. Yes Zac is a joke and he did ruin GA for sure. Number 1 The Warrens would not let Annabelle out of her sealed salted blessed protected case with a card to help contain her to be on a show., especially his. #2The doll was too new is another thing too clean even in a case the doll would show wear or browning on clothes. I find it highly disrespectful of him to do that and to get Ed Warren son in law to be a part of it the money had to be good but he did not do anything to help his in-laws museum business for sure. #3. His haunted house he brought with 100’s of Demons that he bulldozed down so no one else could check out his claims, #4. the Exorcist house exorcism which was a joke after 40 + years of standing there he cleanse it in 15 minutes.I DON’T Think SO and #5. him getting possessed every other tv show is growing old and he gets cleansed in 5 minutes REALLY… He is doing an injustice to paranormal field and using Annabelle doll to up his game is deplorable. I would be ashamed if he thinks what he is doing is acceptable and helpful for paranormal world. He is destroying any progress the Paranormal community has made by doing shows like this. Only reason we watch him is for laughs and to see how much bs he does on the show in the episode. Then I can share with my paranormal group what not to do during an investigation and what one should do to be taken seriously in the Paranormal Community. He is a disgrace to Paranormal Community and I think Nick was wise to leave when he did. I like to see Aaron do the same as I think he would be better at investigation than Zac for sure.

    1. #1″The Warrens” are just Lorraine because Ed is dead now. #2If you knew more about Zac you would know he was bullied growing up and is far from one. #3 If you knew a little bit more about Ed and Lorraine Warren you would know that they will do just about anything to make money. Just asked the real families who attempted to get help from them and were sold out to the media. I’m going to stop counting now but if you look into demonology maybe you will learn a little bit more about possession. Demons do come back. Even in the bible it tells you once and demon is cast out it comes back 7 times stronger. If a person goes back on the same sins once they have been delivered, demons can come back, possibly bringing more with them. I could go on forever with this topic but since you are a paranormal researcher I’m sure you know all this but maybe forgot? You should have definitely learned about all of the injustices the Warrens did to the Lutz family working in the “Paranormal Community”. Quit casting stones it’s not a good look. I get that Zak can be obnoxious at times but you and I don’t live with the dude so we really can’t judge his character so harshly. I sill respect some of the work the Warrens have done but they are by no means Angels in the paranormal field and would turn anabelle over at the drop of the hat for a little more money and time in the spotlight.

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  10. I believe that it’s true.
    Annabelle was out of it’s case long enough to be able to convince Zack to touch It’s foot. And by doing so he gave the demon freedom. Basically it’s not attached to the Raggedy Ann doll anymore.
    I believe that it’s now In his own museum.
    Sadly no one has been able to get the demon to reveal it’s name so they haven’t been able to send it back.
    Then again it’s Zack of course he was gonna touch it.
    But I understand why people think it’s a fack. The last person to provoke annabelle died shortly after doing so.
    But this is my own opinion. This is what I think happened. To others I’m wrong and to some I’m half right. IDC 😛😛😛

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