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The Wonderful World of Spirit by Ghost Seekers Wales

The most infamous question … do ghosts really exist??

There will of course be different opinions on this and there is no right or wrong answer. After all, there are believers and non-believers and then there’s those who sit on the fence, unsure whether they want to believe or not.

Nothing has been proven in this field yet. Although many believe the subconscious mind plays a very important role and sceptics will argue that the mind can and does play tricks on us. But there is also the belief that some of us are more open than others and can communicate on a much higher level through abilities that we all have but many of us do not use or have forgotten how to use.

So, for those who DO believe … what is a haunting??

In simple terms, a haunting is a series of events where paranormal activity occurs.

It is not limited to specific locations and can happen anywhere at any time but most people are not aware of this. The term “haunting” does in fact inflict fear in many minds with people believing it to be something negative.

There are of course many different types of hauntings.

But having a paranormal experience doesn’t necessarily make it a haunting. Too many people are quick to believe one thing or another without truly thinking it over properly or even carrying out the correct research.

As a human race, most of us believe our loved ones watch over us and this is probably more common than we realise.

When we are hurt, angry or upset who do we turn to?? Family?? Friends??

Usually those closest to us.

So why should it be any different when our loved ones pass on??

The right answer or the most logical answer is that it isn’t any different. Our loved ones come and go all the time … watching us grow and develop … seeing us progress in life … comforting us when we are feeling down … helping and supporting us through difficult times … and making sure that we are on the right track. They may not always make themselves known but they are always there when we truly need them.

How spirit make themselves known can vary depending on the type of spirit.

Poltergeists can be mischievous and at times malicious, often throwing and moving objects. Many mistakenly believe them to be negative but that’s not necessarily the case … some are very playful.

Intelligent Beings on the other hand are much more communicative, giving intelligent responses.

There are rare cases where attachments occur.

An attachment is when a spirit attaches itself to a person or a location.

Spirit attachments can happen for many reasons.

A lot of negative entities tend to feed off our emotions and our fears and are usually drawn to those who are more vulnerable … when someone is feeling down and depressed … or anyone who has suffered some sort of tragedy.

But spirit attachments to buildings and locations are very different … this is where there is a link or a connection between the spirit and the location.

How we communicate with spirit can also vary depending not only on our preferred methods and techniques but also on the type of spirit.

And more importantly, always have respect.

Contacting the spirit world is not a joke nor is it for the faint hearted. It is very serious and very real and not only is it offensive to those of us who do believe and who are passionate … the consequences of anyone who messes with things they do not understand and know nothing about can also have a massive impact.

To truly understand and learn about the paranormal would take many years of trial and error. And even today’s modern technology isn’t advanced enough to determine the true meaning of the paranormal or why it exists.

We live in a multi-dimensional world far more complex than we could ever imagine, communicating at different levels of existence.

Research into the spiritual realm is more important than ever before. But we will not and cannot achieve any real answers in our lifetime. As evolved as we are, the wonderful world of spirit is far too complex for the human mind and it will no doubt take many years before we are able to truly understand it.


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