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Some of The World’s Most Haunted Prisons

Haunted Prisons: Inmates that just won’t leave!

There are many alleged haunted locations in the world, and with no surprise prisons are up there on the top of that list! Prisons are a terrifying place to be but imagine if the inmates don’t ever want to leave! We are going to look at just a couple of the most haunted prisons in the world!

Eastern state penitentiary

The eastern state penitentiary is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America. This prison is regarded as one of the most haunted places in the US and quite possibly the world!

Even by prison standards this place was a truly terrible place to be! Inmates were often subjected to horrendous conditions and where forced into isolation on a regular basis. They were also subjected to windowless rooms and they weren’t allowed any contact with over human-beings for 23 hours a day which caused some of the inmates to go insane! Torture was also used on the inmates on a regular basis. Needless to say, the eastern state penitentiary has its fair share of ghost sightings. Footsteps, sightings, sounds and apparitions are commonplace here but that is no surprise due to the horrendous conditions the inmates had to live and die in!

 Tower of London

The tower of London has a long and dark history. If you were unlucky enough to be sent to the tower of London chances are you were being sent there to die! Most people who were sent there were executed. Covered in bloodshed the tower of London has its fair share of ghost sightings with hundreds of different ghosts being spotted on regular basis.

Disembodied cries, sounds and footsteps are often heard. The most persistent ghosts spotted is Queen Anne Boleyn, she often appears close to where she was executed and Edward V and his brother Richard the two boys were believed to have been killed and buried under on the grounds. Below is a photo taken of the tower of London with what looks like a spirit captured in the photo!

These are just two of the worlds most haunted prisons and they are many more and no doubt we will be doing a podcast on more of them in the future. I think if there is ever going to be a place that is haunted then prisons are near the top of that list.

So, what are your thoughts on these?


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