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Paranormal Activity: Supposed Ghosts Caught in A Photo! Written by Rob Bray

Paranormal Activity: Supposed Ghosts Caught in A Photo!


There are a lot of supposedly haunted locations in the world and countless reports of people having encounters with the paranormal, which sceptics say is nothing more than a case of mistaken identity! But, what if the paranormal activity is captured on a video or in a photo? Well, then it becomes a lot harder to debunk! Here are just three, of the countless photos that allegedly show ghosts in them! Whether you believe in the paranormal or not these are very interesting and do get you asking questions!

The first one is the Phantom pilot:

The photo of the phantom helicopter pilot was taken in 1987 when a Mrs. Sayer was visiting the Fleet Air Arm Station in Somerset, England. In the photo you can clearly see what looks to be a second person in the helicopter that is sat next to Mrs. Sayer. Mrs. Sayer said that no one was sat next to her at the time and she has no explanations for figure. The helicopter itself was used during the Falklands war and it has been suggested that the apparition could be a former pilot!

The second photo is that of the car crash ghost:

This image was captured by a lorry driver in the USA and shows the scene of a car crash. In the photo you can see what looks like a spirit leaving a person’s body and it looks as though its floating upwards! As it turns out some did lose their life in the crash, so perhaps that is what we are seeing?

Our final photo is one that was sent into us here at Mysteries of the unknown by John Jeffries, who along with his team from ESN Paranormal captured this image:

The team from ESN Paranormal were investigating the Maiden castle and in the photo, you can clearly see a humanoid figure that appears to be in some kind of gown and a face can also be clearly seen in the image! Although, the top part of the figure can be seen there doesn’t seem to be a bottom half to the figure which makes it even more interesting.

What are your thoughts on these photos?

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  1. First of all I’d like to say I am a believer in things that have yet to be proved scientifically. That said I don’t think any of these pics could be called evidence. The Helicopter “pilot” could be a reflection of someone standing near by(white “shirt” area overlaps window frame). Smokey image rising from accident scene could be just that…smoke, and the “apparition” image there is nothing on pic to give any scale or depth to the image. All 3 are very grainy so zooming in doesn’t help with studying them. Sorry if I sound too negative XXX

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