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The Mystery Of The Ourang Medan

Ourang Medan: The Mystery Ghost Ship


The Ourang Medan was, and still is one of the world’s greatest maritime mysteries which is still unsolved to this day. The mystery started in February 1948 when a series on distress calls were picked up all of which were coming from the SS Ourang Medan.

The distress calls said, “all officers including the captain are dead, laying in the chart room and bridge, possible whole crew dead” This was then followed by Morse code that couldn’t be deciphered, and then finally followed by the last message which said, “I die” A short time after the messages had been received a rescue mission was mounted to locate the SS Ourang Medan! The vessel was indeed found a little while later and after many attempts to signal the craft and receiving no response a boarding party was assembled to board the ship.

When the boarding party climbed onto the ship they were welcomed by a frightening sight all the crew were dead! They had their eyes open looking up to the sky, their arms out stretched and a look of terror on their faces. The rescue crew reported an eerie feeling on the ship and a chill in the air even though it was an unusually hot day!

It was decided to tow the ship back to port but before they could get on the way a fire broke out on board and the rescue crew were forced to abandon ship! The Ourang Medan finally exploded and sank to the bottom of the sea. Even to this day no one knows what happened on board the Ourang Medan and the incident has gone down as one of the world greatest unsolved mysteries!

There’re some theories to what happened, which range from: Chemicals that exploded in the cargo hold, too pirates killing everyone and sabotaging the ship, to a paranormal explanation!

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