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Mellowb1rd – Most Haunted – LiveScifi – Exposed Actions

Today we have 3 exposes within the paranormal field.  Most Haunted, Mellowbird, and Live SciFi


Now these exposes lead to indicate that the scenes in question are not paranormal of nature. What is an expose? It is revealing something which people didn’t notice or see, or revealing something that is hidden. and thats all people are doing in these videos within our article pointing out actions and visual artefacts from their own content, which is all
within the law, and correct usage of fair use policy.

We will save most haunted till last, and surprisingly there isnt no exposed videos out there for this show..  however there is a debunked video by paranormal truth which tbh you can say is an exposed video, because its revealing something people didn’t see, and i think the reason we dont see that many of these videos is because
people do the exposes wrong… and they go after them with copy write claims even tho they are well within the law to use it, if a certain criteria is met.

1ST. Mellowb1rd. A rather big youtube channel, with many videos under his belt, who has filmed and captured loads of “paranormal activity” within is home, Chairs moving, sofa’s moving, knifes, draws opening. is it paranormal activity or something just a little less paranormal???

here is a picture of an item which fly’s off the table on his video. if you look closely you can notice which appears to be a line, which appears for a split second within the video, slowing it down reveals the light reflection of what ever the object is, fishing line?

Mellowbird 3so going further, this guy has been accused of faking videos in the past, by people saying hes using a green screen suite. he then decided to make a video showing look im not using a green screen suite, this is how hard it would be if i was using one…  so from this still image and videos out there of him, we know he has got one, “to prove hes not faking evidence” later down the line, he admits to faking some videos, but in the description he says this was an experiment to see how it could be done… So now we know he has the tools to move furniture to make it look paranormal and we have seen visible evidence within his own content which looks to be wire which is there one moment and not the next.

Next we have the shadow ghost caught on camera, the first image is the shadow ghost, the second image is also the shadow ghost a split second later, with the video slowed down and brightened. the third picture is the guy later in the video, the ghost looks like the guy dont you think?

Based on the evidence of what i see here, i would say nothing paranormal is happening within the clips

2nd Most Haunted – We all know this tv show and most have been shouting fake fake fake for years, what evidence is there out there to support the claims shouted by the nation? This could be a very long article, so im going to try and talk about the things which are not talked about as much..

The Spirit Breath. in the video below we see yvette with her eyes closed, the camera is about to turn and she does a massive breath which does seem unusually odd.. then people start saying did you hear that breath like sound.

The Knife – Here we see a live video from most haunted in 30 east drive, what we see in this video is, karl rushing into the room before the camera man, and im just stating what i see within 1 – 4 seconds in the video below, replay it over and over and over… you see his right arm vividly move in like a flicking, throwing action, and surprise surprise everyone freaks out when they find a knife on the pillow moments later… Did you spot this action of karl? and right after the walks in he turns around opens his arms and it sounds like it says “nothing here guys”.. but wait there is.. a knife..

Something been thrown – Here we see fred batt of most haunted, the team are together, and yet again stating what i see within the video is fred in the background the camera is about to pan to the left, and we see freds arm move up rather rapidly and a second or 2 later we hear a crashing sound of an object hitting the wall.

The Door Opening – here are 2 pictures of the cubical of where karl thinks he was having some activity one shot shows nothing in the cubical the not shot shows wait… up…. something which resembles a person behind the door, karl then goes to close to door fastly… look at the pictures and video.

Table Tipping – This next video, i will not really say much about just look at the person on the left, and look at their finger tips at the cloth on the table.

So all of the above we have exposed actions of people within the crew which some people may have missed or not seen from their own content.

3rd LiveSciFi – Now with this one i am pretty sad to see, i know alot of people follow and look upto these guys, very popular youtube channel with alot of different styles of videos, and live feeds. before we get to the video in question, alot of teams use misleading video titles such as “ghost caught on tape” Now we cant control what people call their videos of course and its fine calling your video that if you really believe you have a ghost caught on your tape, but alot of these videos are braking youtubes terms and conditions which is misleading titles because nothing, with no ghostly image is caught on the video, its just an investigation with nothing happening, but people call it ghost caught on tape.. by right if reported youtube can actually delete your video,

The Falling Object.  So an object falls off the table during a live stream, the guy comes out to check it out, but something seems to be visible for a short while… as he walks past it seems like what ever it is.. he kicks it up as he walking past, and then disappears as he turns around.

Image result for livescifi fake

People have exposed this before and the channel is believed to have went after the people exposing the video, getting the video removed, when in fact it was within the guide lines of “fair use policy”

fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner.

The video then got re listed, after they appealed to youtube, they then realised this was indeed allowed and within the law.

To see more about this, watch this video with the Duck of Truth.

So there we have our 3 exposes for today, actions and visual artefacts which some people may not have seen or noticed i take no credit for any of the finds, the credit goes to the people out there brave enough to post their findings of what people claim is paranormal activity..

If you have any evidence of people faking activity, please send it our way.

More videos.

Wentworth ghost by paranormal truth.

Duck of truth – Mellowbird

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