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The Ganzfeld Experiment – Dangerous Ghost Hunting..

Most likely one of the most bizarre paranormal experiments conducted by teams and scientists. the inspiration to write about this today comes from paranormal-x. who did a live ganzfeld experiment where Andrew and mark take on the challenge of 30 mins.


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The Ganzfield Experiment 

The Ganzfeld Experiment – German for complete field.  is a phenomenon of perception caused by exposure to an unstructured, uniform stimulation field. The effect is the result of the brain amplifying neural noise in order to look for the missing visual signals.


This is achieved by flooding white noise into the subjects head, and shining red light into the eyes of a ping pong ball which is cut in half protecting the eyes.  which makes the subject lose all sensory deprivation.

The idea is to place items within the area of the person who claims to have some psychic ability after the experiment the subject tells what he or she saw.

What effects can this cause naturally? 

Short sessions can be relaxing like meditation; but long sensory deprivation can result in anxiety, hallucinations, strange and bizarre thoughts, depression. 

So when attempting this experiment please dont be foolish…

So last nite we saw paranormal x do this experiment but we also had to pleasure to witness and try out the experiment ourselfs over a year ago and paranormal investigator of paranormal hauntings Charlene took part….

want to see her take on the ganzfeld?? here you go.  (footage was filmed over 1 year ago)

This was the first time we have ever witness the ganzfeld experiment, an experiment conducted by PSI

1 year or so later we hear the news of paranormal x doing it live. we just had to tune in and give it a watch (their video is bottom of article) upon watching we noticed a different element to the experiment from what we saw… which was a GAS mask.  the idea to slow down the breathing yet again adding an extra element to take away you senses…

out of all the videos out there of this experiment we actually urge you to watch this video as the guys do it for 30 mins each.. and they believe that they caught some evps and bizarre feelings while doing the experiment. defo worth a watch.


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