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The Internets Most Famous Haunted Item Auction – Makes History & Comes to Ghosts of Britain.

Today 20th of July 2017 the history books have changed, within the paranormal community. Why because of a DOLL, and the sun news paper and one woman who claims to be experiencing paranormal activity with a certain doll.


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The Internets most famous alleged haunted item auction to date was a painting called “the hands resist him”

which sold for 1.025.00 USD in the year 2000. The most an item has ever been sold for by auction on ebay. “privately i assume there may be some whats sold for more”

due to the popularity of the article ran by the sun, and the amount the item sold for, it fastly became known as the ebays most famous haunted item which sold for the most.

However today is 2017 and history books are changing again.

The Sun ran another article 17 years later of a lady who claims to experiencing paranormal activity in her home, after buying a set of dolls from a charity shop. She isn’t a paranormal investigator and doesn’t sell haunted items on her ebay. after things took a violent turn she decided to put up the doll on auction “not even claiming it to be haunted on the listing” but contacted the news papers about her story.

Within 2 days the auction ended on 1123.63 USD. Beating the hands resist him painting. Hence taking the title “The Internets Most Famous “”””alleged”””” Haunted Item Auction.”

So the question now is, who won the auction? and whats next if anything?


Well Good the news is…. WE WON THE AUCTION at ghosts of Britain / paranormal magazine.

Anything within major public spotlight gets hate, and i respect that.  but i truly feel there are some elements within the case which are interesting which lead us to bid and win this auction.

  1. The woman selling isn’t involved in the paranormal community
  2. Her eBay account Showed no listings of anything haunted for sale…
  3. The Ebay listing didn’t even say it was haunted.
  4. We checked out the sellers history before bidding, and saw no previous haunted items sold.
  5. This seems like a genuine case
  6. If this was made up, there would be more by the seller.
  7. if this was owned by a paranormal team selling loads of dolls i would have stayed well away..
  8. upon first viewing the article and ebay listing i knew that it was close to beating the hands resist him painting, and thought to myself tonight history is going to change.. and we would like to try and be apart of it.

So all of the above made us decide to put in a bid. for the item, and we are proud to say we won…

So what now? We are planning a documentary about this journey and story..  with the previous owner. After the documentary we will give you lot the chance to watch the doll LIVE as we experiment with it to see if the claims are true..


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