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IBIZA – Es Vedra – The MYTHS and SECRETS 

Thousands of tourists visit the island of Ibiza every year with the intention of visiting the masses of nightclubs, sunbathing and relaxing while glancing at their beautiful surroundings the island has to offer.

Booking a break myself I decided to head to Ibiza for just that, a complete break for 10 nights with nothing associated to the paranormal what so ever, But depending what you believe the paranormal had a way of finding me without me even realising and I was quite amazed with what I found while there and coming back researching the area, I could see why all week I had been extremely drawn to the area, so drawn that I decided to rent a buggie to just visit. I Came back and researched the area and was quite amazed and decided I had to visit again the day after to take more footage and to add it to this article for you guys to read.


As I approached the area it seemed to have a spiritual feel to it, but looking around I thought it could be the beauty of the area. 

I started to walk and reached the first viewing point looking over the cliff I was taking in by the breath taking views of the sea. A Couple appoached and from the point where im stood i could not see Es Vedra so i asked if they knew where it was. They stated it was further down the track and there was another viewing point and said you must go to see, it is said that it is full of good energy. I was a little suprised by the comment and felt i had needed to see it anyway. I then looked behind me to see what appeared to be rocks stacked. At this point my phone goes which I answer (this is a important part later).

I then walk over to the rocks to see two pink ribbons on the trees either side of what I could only describe as two stone circles. These are not the stone circles you may see in England, these are stone circles that look like they have been made in more recent times and appear to be used for some ritual to this day.

I approach and seen there is a entrance to both, but on the this one, specifically, there is some kind of decoration if you like or display (pictured below) 

There is like a maze you then have to walk round which goes in a circle, once you have reached the middle there are what appears to be offerings placed there. I took off a chain and placed it there unsure if I was partipating correctly. I then wondered back out the circle and on leaving placed a stone onto the walls. It appears that this is what may happen as the walls have small and big stones placed on top of another and colourful stones people have coloured themselves. 

The second one is slightly different with stones being placed within a circle of circles with one entrance through the middle. I couldn’t quite work out what they could be used for but did come to the conclusion that it was linked to a ritual that probably takes place at the first and maybe this circle is used either after or before you have entered the first as a celebration or event ( for example a bride walking down the aisle to get to the front of the alter to get married) 

I then began to notice that ribons was placed in a line, I followed them and they lead me to the entrance of the area and quickly realised this was a sign for people to find the circles. 

I came away full of questions and proceeded to make my way down the track to where the couple had told me to go. 
I was amazed by the beautiful view.
I came back and researched the area and was surprised that many paranormal teams have investigated here at the watch tower at the top, which is known as the pirate tower. It is said that the apparition of Virgin Mary has been witnessed many times.

Many people who are of a spiritual kind use this location to relax and worship. I was later told that when I was rung, they could hear what sounded like a ITC session being done behind my voice and that they could hear me, but like when the ITC is on they could also hear names being said and other voices….was it simply a bad phone connection or was something trying to reach me?

We also decided to ask a local regarding what may happen around the stone circles. I was told ‘bad practice happens..not good..’ ‘they place a stone on everytime they do a ritual not good at all’ with my Spanish being limited I couldn’t explore it anymore but I said do these people believe it is good, which she replied ‘yes but shouldn’t be messed with..its very bad’ 

SOME locals believe that Es Vedra is actually cursed rather then having good energy around it.


Es verda stands at almost 400 metres high, it is a uninhabited rock island made of limestone and is situated 2km off the West coast of Ibiza.

Es Vedra is surrounded by many myths and legends and is said to be the 3rd most magnetic spot in the world ( after the north pole and Bermuda triangle). Many geologists say this isn’t true but they can not deny that navigational instruments tend to go haywire in this area and it is also impossible to get a direct compass reading. Homing pigeons also often get confused whilst flying over the island and often completely lose their sense of direction.

Another interesting part to this island is that many people have reported UFO sightings. Some even believe that there is a secret UFO base under sea and ES Vedra is the gateway or navigation beacon. Unidentified objects have been spotted swimming in the sea and circles of light emerging from the sea have often caused many boat captains and fisherman to avoid the area.

There is a famous case which was near Es Vedra and was named ‘caso Manises’ and is one of the classic events in the history of Spanish Ufology. 11th November 1979 an airplane carrying 109 passengers on board was on route to Palma de Mallorca to Tenerife, it made a emergency landing at Ibiza after the pilots claimed they was being followed or chased by a UFO. There is a video on YouTube you can listen to (if you have good Spanish) of conversations the pilots had while flying over Ibiza.

One of the myths is that it was home of the sirens and sea nymphs who tried to lure Ulysses from his cave in Home’s Odyssey and also it is believed to be the birth place and holy island of the Phoenician goddess, Tanit. It is said sacrifices took place on the shores during full moons to honour her. Other stories tell of two brothers who cured there father with a special rock sapphire from the island. To get the rock they had to fight a giant who lived there in one of its many caves. The brothers won.

IT is also said that part of Es Vedra was maybe used to build the Pyramids in Egypt as the limestone rock is claimed to hold a maximum concentration of energy, that similar to the Pyramids, Stonehenge and Easter Island.

One of the best known myths surrounding Es Vedra is that it is the tip of the sunken civilisation of Atlantis. The natural cave of Atlantis is in the bay opposite Es Vedra.


Atlantis, as the hippies called this place in reference to the myth of the Atlantis island loss, is officially known as Sa Pedrera of Cala d’Hort. This is an old quarry from where the stones were removed to build part of the Dalt Vila walls in the XVI century. Furthermore, according to a legend these stones were also used for the Egyptian pyramids. The curious diagonal slashes of the rocks create strange stepped structures by where the water from the sea slips through and forms natural pools. Among the walls it can be found small altars, carved drawings and images, many of them Buddhist and Hindu symbols and divinities. Possibly due to the strong influence that these philosophies and Eastern religions had in the hippy movement.

One of the Hindus deities more depicted is the Shiva god. Some people believe that the island is under the influence of this destructor, regenerative and creator god. Shiva destroys everything that is unnecessary in order to regenerate the energies and be able to create something again, so this god could be kind or evil. He is the god of chaos, dominates all the supernatural forces, the esoteric, the magic, what is unclassifiable and dangerous. Shiva also is the protector of the alienated people, those who for different reasons are different and live outside the convention. In line with his irrational and impulsive strength, he also is the god of drunkenness, of the feast, of the sexual pleasure and debauchery. In his regenerator side, he is the one who guides the reflection and self-control of the ascetic people in their life of solitude, sacrifice and self-denial in order to reveal them the truth. As a god of creative knowledge, he instructs the philosophers and teachers, and inspires and protects the artists.

Curiously, many of the descriptive traits of Shiva god are very similar to the characteristics of the Scorpio sign. According to the conclusions of the astrology congress celebrated in Ibiza in 1978, this zodiacal sign rules the Magic Island. Scorpio energies are associated with the mysterious, the esoteric, the seduction and sexuality. As Tanit goddess or Shiva god, they are bipolar forces that symbolize death and life. Scorpio stands for transformation processes, loneliness and isolated reflections which lead to a state of change and metamorphosis to be able to undertake a new beginning. This is the creative capacity that allows you to reinvent yourself, to be reborn again. As occurs in the cycle of the island, the lonely, quiet and introspective winters give way to the explosive summer seasons full of vitality, party and sensuality. ‘ 

Source from

So of course after researching I couldn’t not go back, so this time, we went and approached a local that appeared to be guarding the area and asked him if he knew what the circles meant.
His response was that a man was diving along the edge of what is believed to be apart of Atlantis and seen some engravings on the walls under the sea, of circles, he decided to come back up and form these circles on the land and said that to walk around the circle you are opening yourself up spiritually and when u reach the middle you have reached your maxium and mediation after this is suppose to be amazing. YOU place something down from yourself as a thank you and then you proceed to mediate. YOU place a rock onto the circle to be welcomed back.


This is a tradition that has followed on for many years and many people come to this area to open up and describe the mediation they experience to be something that they have never experienced before.

HE then asked if we knew where Atlantis was and proceeded to tell me if we followed the ribons from the circle down the cliff side we would find Atlantis beach. Pictured above is the cliff edge you need to climb down from the ribbon, the ribbons then all follow down the slope. I was quite surprised he informed me of this as after researching I knew it was something the locals didn’t like to tell and I knew it was a area which many struggle to find. 

So we proceeded down the cliff following the ribbons to come across arrangements of other stones all scattered around.

Along the way there was caves that people have made fires in, engraved symbols and writing in and had left over candles. 

Further down we reached a open area where people had made symbols from the rocks and had a mass of stone arrangements all over.

When we got to Atlantis beach the views was amazing. It appeared to look as though a temple once stood there but over the years has subsided. It has coral surrounding it, attached in parts, which suggests to me that at some point this area was under sea. The cliff you go down to get to this area has thick, soft sand all the way up, which the sea no longer gets to and there is too much sand to suggest the wind blows it upwards in my opinion. Within the temple area there is natural rock pools, these rock pools have steps within them.

Do I think this was a temple from Atlantis….yes I do the structure appears to look as though it was a temple at some point…yes the land was quarried but by the Romans in 123BC…was they trying to get rid…was they bothered it was a temple from previous years (probably not) and maybe they probably would have wanted to get rid?…but I’ll leave you as the reader to decide…either way the concept is very interesting and I’m so very pleased I found this hidden gem.


Below is some photos I took from this area and a few short look around videos.

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