Red Ridge X Curiosity Corner – Prayer Wheel.

Red Ridge X


The Tibetan Prayer Wheel.

The first item we looked at in the Curiosity Corner was the Tibetan Demon Mask and while we were acquiring this item our friend David Barrett of Project Paranormal picked up a Tibetan Prayer Wheel, we could say this was coincidence but I don’t believe in those :-). I realised this was another item we knew nothing about so we decided to take a closer look.

What is it?

A Tibetan prayer wheel can take many forms but the one in the picture is an hand held version. The origin of the prayer wheel is not certain but some think the design took influence from Chinese revolving bookcases. The idea behind the prayer wheel is when you use it it is the same as performing a mantra and with this helping to cleanse negative energies and even provide way to enlightenment.

How is it made?

The construction of a prayer…

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