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Paranormal Documentary, Share your Story

My name is Danielle and I am an Assistant Producer at Eleven Film – a multi-BAFTA-nominated television production company based in London, backed by Channel 4. We make programmes for all the major broadcasters
but we’re perhaps best known for our critically-acclaimed series 
The Enfield Haunting.


I’m really keen to try and speak to some people whose lives have been altered by a paranormal experience and I’m trying to research as many stories as possible.


It is a brand new series of four hour long episodes for a major broadcaster. Each episode focuses on one individual/family/ household’s experiences with their own testimonies, interviews from their wider circle
of friends or family members who might be involved or investigators. We will then dramatise using our drama credential elements of the story to really bring the whole paranormal experience to life for the viewer.


To try and give a clearer idea about what we’re looking for the series

•      We’re making four programmes

•      Each programme will focus on a single paranormal or inexplicable event

•      As each programme will be one hour long, we’re looking for stories with an unfolding narrative – rather than a single event

•      The programmes will combine first-hand testimony from sit-down interviews with dramatisations of the events they’re describing

•      We’re particularly keen for situations which were witnessed / investigated by multiple people (ideally five or so)

•      The stranger the better – I’m particularly interested in finding cases on the periphery of what often comes to mind when we think of the paranormal. So, any instances of psychic activity; telepathy;
premonitions; or near-death experiences – as well as experiences of spirit activity could also be really interesting.


If you think that any cases that you have investigated over the years may be suitable for the programme – and whether it may be appropriate to ask the people involved if they’d be willing to speak to me –
I’d love to hear from them.


Very best wishes,


To contact danielle please Email

Charlene Kemp


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  1. just wondering if your still looking for stories shared by people who have had experiences with paranormal activity

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