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Angel Signs

By Charlene Kemp

White Feathers

Properly the most well known signs that you have been visited by your angels, These magical moments is something we should all keep an eye out for and when we are given one it should be treasured and kept, as a Thank you for sending it our way.

Often left or appear when we need a reminder that angels are near.

I can remember when my father passed staring out the window in an upset state, wondering where he was and if I would see him again, at this point I looked at my feet and there was a white feather, I do not have duck feather quilts nor pillows and no birds had been in my house nor had I been outside. To me theres a difference they can come in all sizes but are fluffier on the outer feathers.

I currently keep mine in a chest as it is said if you disregard them and don’t notice them as signs, spirit will stop sending you them so I do like to keep mine as a little reminder and a Thank you to those who have sent them.


It is believed that spirit/angels will leave coins for those they are watching over. If you have ever heard of the saying ‘pennies from heaven ‘ then this is where it originally came from. Believed to be left to console and reassure those who find them. Normally left when a person is feeling blue or poorly. Its said angels toss them out to turn a frown upside down to make a smile


A sign as it’s a visit from a passed family member, tend to visit the same gardens year after year. Offering reassurance to the living that their passed love ones are still near.

I remember when my grandad died, my dad (not that he was a spiritual person because he was not) said a robin kept appearing on the fence outside our kitchen window and many times when we would speak of my grandad there it would appear, we would say it’s my grandad giving us a sign he’s still around.

When my dad passed, a day later, along came the robin with a baby robin and sat on the fence looking through the kitchen window at us, we took it has a sign that now my grandad and dad was together. Even to this day two robins will appear in the garden and on the fence together, theres something special about it when it does happen and something some would laugh about but we take comfort in it.


Known for being sent to us by a passed love one, Its believed these beautiful insects are sent to remind us that they are watching nearby and to let us know they are ok.

I used to work as a carer in the community and i can remember looking after a women who had been diagnosis of cancer, only a young women who had children, she was given a month to live but lived a year on, within this time she became very spiritual, something before her diagnosis she had never been, she would often say that butterflies followed her and that when she passed she would give her family a sign through a butterfly.

After she passed on Christmas Day, the first christmas it would have been without her, I remember seeing a picture what her family had posted and that was a butterfly sitting on the kitchen curtain found while they were making dinner. Now it was December, not really the right time of year for butterflies so they took it has a sign that their mum was with them on Christmas Day watching over.


Angels and love ones can often show up in a dream while we sleep, this tends to be when we are more relaxed and receptive. Dreams as such tend to be more vivid then regular dreams and remain in your mind much fresher.

I have had a number of dreams that I have felt have had some importance to me. One being when my grandad passed days later, i dreamt i went to see him in hospital, he had a machine over his face, which when i think of how he died and what he died of would make sense, he told me he was ok, to tell everyone he was ok and was happy, he told me to go and to not worry and that he was in recovery and was getting better. He had nurses all around him and his parting words was they are looking after me. Depending on what you believe, I believe this was his way of saying I’ve made it to the afterlife I’m ok I just need to recover here before passing. Which I do believe happens to us when we die we go into a recovery like process in order to recover the soul from leaving our bodies?

Another dream i feel was a visit was from my dad, when alive at times we did not get on the best, he had done things i couldn’t get my head around, he wasn’t much of a talker so things was never explained or apologises was never made even though in the end it didn’t really matter and to me all was forgiven anyway to a degree and i understood but had not actually ever told him. He came to me in my dream, we went out and he took me to places which I think he felt would explain things better and we ended up sitting on a bench together speaking about what we should have done when he was alive. He was still very much the same person even to the degree where we even disagreed about things but He seemed a lot more open in my dream as if he didn’t lock up it up anymore or bury things. It ended where I say it was forgiven anyway and I did understand why things happened. He then left. Maybe this was more of a visit for himself then me so he could pass knowing that things was ok and he could let go.

These aren’t the only two occurrences I have had theres been a few when passed relatives have shown up and gave me guidance and support and I’ve questioned them about life after death, which they have always seem reluctant to speak about.

Building signs and advertising slogans

This could be just a simple sign after calling out for one such as noticing a name of building. Also it is believed that angels can show signs through recurring slogans on billboards  shop names, roads that seem to strike a cord in you 

Music and television

Hearing a song or a lyric on the radio can often be a sign, offering words that may help, reassure or confirm. Sometimes it could be that you put the TV on and flick through the channels and a show or documentary may be on which relates to your situation, don’t ignore it, it could come across as coincidence but it could also be something more.

I have also found that when you are missing someone who has passed or feeling a little low, you may pop the radio on or get into your car and turn the radio on and your passed love ones favourite song may be playing as you do or comes on. This can also happen when entering shops or public places. 

This has happened to me a few times but one that sticks with me is after my dad passed we put the radio on to which it was playing a classic by David Bowie, one of my dads favourite songs by him, someone my dad admired when he was alive. 

Telephone Calls

If you are thinking about someone and feeling as though you could do with their support and in that exact moment they ring to see how you are, this can be also classed as a sign from your angels. They are looking after you and sending you the help and support you 


Sometimes we are sent Scents to remind us of a presence  this scent can be a particular fragrance or smell which you can associate with a person who may have wore a certain perfume or had a particular smoke to them e.g tobacco. 

Often floral smells can be signs that an angel is following you or they have left a scent in their trail.

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