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MichaelDMagee Fakes His Evidence Of Paranormal Activity

mmm2jpegIts rare we do an expose about people faking their evidence because its an hard job to 100% achieve this, to back up our claims and then present the evidence, but when the fakers drop their ball and chain we will pick it up and expose to the paranormal community that indeed these people are faking their evidence of paranormal activity!!

with today’s subject i have full 100% confidence in presenting to you and saying that this guy has made mistakes in his videos which shows he is indeed hiding something which he doesn’t want you to see..

This is not to create drama this is not Bullshit! this is to make the “Real” paranormal community aware of the monsters out there who play on their audience.. this person has the trust of 1000s and 1000s of through his claims of poltergeist activity, he also claims to be the “The Haunted Man” i wouldn’t be a very good skeptic if i was to let these people just do what they do without spreading the word of what they are really doing, when caught out.. LOL. I know this guy fakes its ok community continue to follow him he doesn’t harm us in any way!!! WRONG! ALL WHO FAKE DOES!…

with today’s evidence if you choose to still believe this guy isnt 1 editing his videos “in a oddly  manor” 2. hiding something he doesnt want you to see.. 3 using more then one video still of the scene so he can blend the objects out.. then.. i just dont know all the evidence is here clear in black and white!

MichaelDMagee has made a few movie mistakes but hes very good at what he does i give him that he is very skilled and good, way better then me at video editing, this is the only one peice of footage which we can say safely that indeed fakery is involved.. all the other minor movie mistakes are not very visable and are debatable but this one is the one to crack the nut.

Anyone who is getting crazy paranormal activity’s with objects flying left right and centre in my eyes theirs only one explanation fake… but i cant prove it without evidence.. but that is my gut feelings when i see any evidence like this, Mediums and full blown believers will say that ghosts and spirits dont do that kind of thing, and especially not as often as what some have it happen. ANYWAY..

The Mistake

The mistake MichaelDMagee made was a video edit within the video. what we see is an object falling down from an high place, “we dont see no string ties to the object” but as the object falls down there is something odd taking place on the floor with some shoe laces

As the object falls, the shoe laces on the right hand side of the box disappear and then FADE back into the shot, this is because there is a MASK applied to the video and the mask runs past the Black Lace, which makes it disapear there is no reason why that lace would disappear and re appear unless the ghosts decided to move it and place it back in the same spot “duck of truth!!!” love it!

Here is the shot again in case you can see what we are talking about look at the change!


You will see that the lace leads from the back of the box and curves around down to the other black object just below the trainer or shoe. the complete lace disappears “this is not a shadow cast, or a trick of light” also look at the floor look how it changes pattern and you will notice like a circle like shape 😉 Sorry to say but this is well enough evidence this is not normal for a shoe lace to randomly disappear and re appears “while the object falls”

Below is my video on how MichaelDMagee does most of his videos, where i show you how its done and the evidence presented.

after watching my video please watch this one of  MichaelDMagee and you will see the resemblance to the video i did at the end, and how it seems likely he did his latest “but i cant prove that one 100%” unlike the example above where the evidence speaks for it self!

More info on MASKING: Duck of Truth
Masking is done to only show a certain area of the video like this. Without adjustments, everything outside of the mask will be completely black. But when you put another video layer underneath with a background clip where nothing happens, you can see both the background and masked in object. This can make it seem like there’s a poltergeist in a video. It’s quite easy to do as well. If this is done right, it will look natural as if it’s happening in real life. But if it’s done wrong you’ll end up with this: Or in Michael’s case, this:

6 thoughts on “MichaelDMagee Fakes His Evidence Of Paranormal Activity

  1. I just don’t understand. Isn’t the reason we do this is to find valid evidence of the paranormal – isn’t that the holy grail to find actual proof. The reason people fake stuff to get their 15 minutes of fame really makes the rest of us look bad. Thank you Project Paranormal for doing what you do and keep doing it!

  2. I run a site This is not me. Though I call myself the Haunted Man because of all the experiences I have had. Some with others. It is really sad people have to FAKE stuff. I mean the real stuff is out there you shouldn’t have to fake anything.

  3. Real Paranormal Activity Part 6 uploaded by MM December 6 2012. At 3.20 – 3.28 watch the cord to the electric heater, the alleged “spirit” walks into the room the cord will be seen moving at odd angles. The heater has not been moved so the cord has no reason to move in sympathy. It is propounded the cord has moved during this time frame because in fact who ever is playing the “spirit, most likely MMs partner, has inadvertently moved the cord with their very much flesh and blood body. Unfortunately the…….editor forgot this when video layering the assistant to fade and left this minor detail as a little trail of truth.

  4. 5 scariest ghosts uploaded by MM June 15 2015-Strings/fishing wire seen at 9.44 on round container pulled down and at 9.45 more string seen resting on the front of the large cardboard box. Interestingly same string at 9.44 latter 1/2 second glows from night vision effect.

  5. The 2 below are some I have found since working with Duck to review the shoelace evidence.

    1. Sorry meant the 2 incidents above^

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