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Is The Famous Witch’s Ghost Ursula Kemp Attached To This Alleged Haunted Picture?

Ursula Kemp The WITCH, does her spirit live on through this picture?

15139424_10157850873135038_1573830239_nThe paranormal magazine team have acquired a rather strange looking, creepy picture for study, WHY.. Because its believed to be haunted of course..

A rather old looking, picture which shows three ladies, the picture is in a very delicate state, running your hands across it, you can feel the grain is flaky of the picture, it can easily rub away, the picture is generally creepy looking and does have kind of a sinister feel to it.

The picture cam from Pennsylvania, “no idea is it was made there, or if it originated from that area” The couple who had the picture before, had a like LOVE and HATE relationship with it.

The WIFE, Hated it, wanted it gone, she got bad vibes from it.. The Husband, Felt like he had an attachment to it, he didnt want to get rid..

The wife started to experience things with the picture first, she heard whispering sounds coming from the same area of the picture, while the husband didn’t hear this! Although both did experience the picture changing itself on the walls in the house… later down the line, everyone in the house started to hear “giggling” sounds from the same room as the painting. This was the cue for them to get rid, they wouldn’t dare just dump it somewhere, they was scared of the energy coming back to their house due to the disrespect of the item.

The item comes to the UK for study, “we own it now”.

The First Study.. 
The picture is in project paranormal / paranormal magazines lee steers house, the sceptics house.. A few days of it being in the property lee decided to take out the item, and do a LIVE introduction and kick start off the first study with itc Tech, and a Tri Field meter, and Temperature pod.

14182360_844246835716548_1541323390_nBefore the LIVE, Charlene did feel a witch connection with the picture, and was EXTREMELY drawn to it.. she had the feeling she wanted it bad!! and kept flicking back and fourth to buy it has she felt in two minds, 1 that it had some kind of darker energy attached to it and the other being that she wanted it for the team to experiment with it,  and tbh i did have a feeling of witches was that me just stereo typing the picture no idea??? Anyway on the first live, a few people of the fans described a Witch connection to the picture, “the first fan was Rachel cross” and the replies through the ITC Box really was chilling and sinister, tbh the most chilling and sinister i have experienced to date!

I asked some questions, like how did you die. And it sounded like it said ” I Took HIS Head Off” VERY CLEAR, i asked a few questions more which such as “are you witches”, “was you excuted”  and the tone of the voices changed drastically and seemed to go quiet as if they was avioding the question somehow

Take a listen for you self.

1 Week Later The Second Study 

Lee brings the picture back onto the live show for study, with the same setup, yet again more sinister replies seem to come through its believed,

Image result for ursula kempThe footage is yet to be analysed by Charlene like the above video, but after the Live, David Barrett Paranormal magazines: Project Paranormal scientific investigator said it said Ursula Kemp a few times, Lee was instantly like what.. Ursula Kemp sprung to lees mind right away a famous witch, who was held at the witches prison “the cage”  David then researched her and was in shock, with the relevance of the Picture / Three Ladies.. Who was held at the cage for execution. The ITC, also said liz, which is also one of the sisters with Ursula..

The second live stream study truly did send shocks and shivers down the backs of the project paranormal team.. There is so many questions now to ask.. “based on the ITC session” The plot only thickens with the idea of the picture been linked to witches.. Weather its linked to Ursula Kemp no idea.. or if the energy of Ursula kemp used the picture because she saw similarities we have no idea at all.

The third study we are going to try and really push the study much further. 

Lee steer is still a sceptic, he feels the tech used is just based off random chance, and included we could be experiencing voice paradolia, trying hard to make sense out of something we dont know, but one thing is for sure with the new info whats came to light, lee will definitely try to push the spirits further if they do exist” of course..

Is the spirit of Ursula Kemp attached to this item? 

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