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Best paranormal tv program to contact regarding an experience

15218208_10157870610220038_1270990204_nDo you have a paranormal experience to share and you are wondering who to contact, I hope this article is some use to yourself. Obviously the first place we are going to say to share your experience is with us paranormal magazine!!!!!! we will publish your stories and experiences on our blog page, and if lucky there’s a high chance your experience could appear in our Paperback Magazine.

Now to talk more about the title of the blog post, the reason for this post is actually someone managed to stumble to our website who asked this question, “Best paranormal tv program to contact regarding an experience” and i know we dont have a page which answers this question this viewer was looking for. So now you do!!! Tar Darrrr 😉

  • To just share your experience for people to read about, I feel a TV program may not be your best option, I would recommend, submitting your story to a Paranormal Magazine, Blog, blogger, Forum or local paranormal website to where you are located.
  • If you are seeking help from this experience the chances are you will not get a reply from a tv show, you are best searching up your local town and adding Ghosts at the end of it and see what it comes up with, or Paranormal Investigators  “Rotherham ghosts, Birmingham ghosts, Rotherham ghost hunters, sheffield ghost hunters” you get the picture.
  • If you are seeking to be on tv with your story.. Well this will be a long shot and will be a HARD challenge, you will need a very good interesting story, and the best way to go about it, is to actually write up your story and send it to some websites, blogs, Maybe invite a paranormal team to come and investigate your story if it revolves a spirit in your home, get them to produce like a documentary on your story and haunting, this is like a portfolio producers like stories to have some kind of a following or interest attached to them before they consider anything for a show.
  • The Best Show to Contact? Well lets assume you have your story with alot of interest from teams and public, so now what TV show do you contact? What is the best like you searched?? to be honest the answer is there isn’t a best TV show to contact, my advice would be to try and pull up a list of all Paranormal TV shows UK, and USA, and simply start working your way down the list, contacting their official websites or try their fan page message button, And when you message, you will need to send them as much details about your experience with all the links you have accredited to the story, this will look good on your behalf.

I hope this helps you and your question.

Feel free to submit your stories with us at paranormal magazine tho, and we will gladly post them on our blog for all our amazing fans and followers to read! Thank you.

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