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Exposed: Para Police: Bullying within the Paranormal Field

Bullying and harassment in the Paranormal Field: EXPOSED!!


Hello guys im Charlene Kemp, I currently work for Ghosts of Britain. I am also a member of Para Police, A team of investigators who are trying to at least monitor the field to expose the fakes and basically exposing how activity can be faked to educate people to not believe everything they see on TV programmes and Youtube.


So over the past few weeks I have had numerous messages from various people within the paranormal field who have reported to me that they have suffered at some degree some kind of bullying and harassment from others who are in the field. As I take a part of the Para police I have felt that I need to raise awareness of this. Unfortunately within the paranormal community there are individuals who I would class as your school ground bullies. Who set out to destroy peoples personal lifes, business, reputation, events, evidence and basically torment a person to such a degree they feel that they no longer can continue in the field.


Another issue I also had was regarding a lady who claimed that she could 100% make contact with one of your love ones, initially I heard of this and was mad, how could any medium make should a big claim, in my eyes she was a con, she claimed you would be able to see, feel and have 100% contact with your past loved one for a price. So after hearing this I was 100% certain I was going to expose this lady, I was going to make an appointment with this lady and try and have her contact my ‘dead aunty sue’ ( I haven’t got a dead aunty sue) but if she made contact then this proved my exposure that she was a con. It wasn’t until I further looked into this lady that I realised something, I watched her videos and how she was on these and what she claimed to have and be. And actually realised that this lady infact has a severe mental health issues, she  has stated this in her videos and that she was being treated for such and claims to have helped others in a similar situation I had the hanging feeling that she may be in fact preying on those who suffer with a mental health problems. So I looked into her further and decided to give this lady a ring to see what she was about and how she was. Her behaviour on the phone also indicated and confirmed to me in my opinion that she did have some kind of mental health issue and it came across to me that she may have been quite medicated while speaking with her. I came to the decision to no publicly expose this lady, if others chose to then that is up to you.


This lady hosts such a demonstration in your home at a cost, but it has to be within her area. With this in mind my conclusion of this was due to what she may have she would in fact 100% believe she can contact any passed loved you wish and therefore wasn’t intentionally conning people has she fully believes she can even though in hindsight she properly cant and yes is conning people but this to me isn’t intentional. This then leads me on to my next part, because the field isn’t regulated in any way it allows such a person to work within the field, it is open to everyone, there is nobody to monitor it. If it was regulated in some way and we somehow had to register what we did to a panel of people to be considered to work in the field then maybe people who make such big claims wouldn’t be working within the field. As a result of this, understandably this lady has been subjected to negative posts regarding her claims, I understand why with the claims she is making but please bare in mind this lady is suffering with a mental illness and just because this lady looks physically well it does mean that this lady is well, and such posts could potentially trigger a massive un wanted reaction from this lady to herself, yourself or others, please bare this in mind.


My only warning to the public is if a medium is making such a claim please think before booking because you are most likely going to leave very disappointed after also paying for a service which someone could not provide for you or that you believed to not be true.


Some of the other complaints are as followed, potentially trying to close down a location, trying to cancel events, ringing the police to incidents which haven’t even occurred, passing messages to love ones and friends to turn them against the person, sending abuse which include threats, trying to destroy a peoples reputation within the field, constantly bombarding a person with messages of abuse, posts directed at another person or group, turning up at peoples places of work to give abuse even death threats!!…..the list is endless and seriously makes me question why I got into this field altogether.


The biggest problem I believe causing this is social media, messages are flew between people, screen shots are taken, this is then used as some kind of evidence against another person. Posts are directed at individuals and posters and mini videos made to take the mick out of who they are having the conflict with. This guys is childish!! And please bare in mind that I have been informed by many that there is indeed a app that is now available which enables a person to edit screen shots in some way.


You then have whose who take sides, these people only have heard half the story and cast a judgment before they have even spoken to the party being accused. There are two sides to a story as some would say three 😉 and before any judgement can be cast you should look at both sides instead of jumping on the band wagon and joining those who are causing the drama. I understand that sometimes people can pull the wool of people’s eyes but please bare in mind that you have only heard half the story before involving yourself.


If you have a disagreement with someone and it cannot be resolve then my best advice would be to please just delete that person, have no other contact with them, consider it a lesson learnt and move on. Easier said than done Im sure you are all sat there thinking…this is true but what you have to sit down and think about is why you are in this field….is it to make friends/enemies and slate each other or to gather some evidence, enjoy investigating the unknown and to find some comfort for yourself?


I know which one it is for me…..and if I meet some friends along the way who I trust then great (which I have may I add many) but if I hadn’t would I still have the passion and interest….yes I would.


Below is a Live Steam #TheparanormalSkeptic Lee Steer did regarding Bullying issues within the field, some of the legal jargon which surrounds it and what he feels is the best course of action to take.


Here is another article by Claire Barrand 

Give it a read guys it raises some fantastic points!The-Unique-Reason-behind-Bullying-and-Personal-Attacks-within-the-Paranormal-Community-REVEALED/o8t7l/583739b5e417294c9dc7ab2c

9 thoughts on “Exposed: Para Police: Bullying within the Paranormal Field

  1. I ran into a similar issue here in the US. In summary, An elderly gentleman (67 years old) started having failing health ever since he moved into his latest home. He also said things would not be where he left them, etc. He had contacted a, I believe she called herself a psychic or medium, and over the course of the past year has charged him $5,000 USD. She would tell him he had stuff attached to him, etc. After speaking with him on the phone, and him explaining what was going on, I truly doubted his issues were coming from some evil spirit that he was being led to believe. So, although I knew he didn’t have anything there, I told him we would come and take a look. Basically, I wanted him to get the paranormal off his mind so whatever was happening to him, could be rationally addressed. Further, I wanted people to stop taking this retired gentleman’s money.

    We went to visit, what we found was pretty crazy. When we were doing our baseline readings, this man had EMF spikes in every room he felt uncomfortable in. Not just single digits appearing on the MEL but double and triple digits from some of the electronics/appliances he was using. It was strong enough that we even had to step outside every 30 minutes of so to get some fresh air. We told him we would still investigate to totally rule out a haunting – which we did, and found nothing. We did a blessing and clearing before we left to ensure we closed whatever we could have opened up while investigating.

    He was advised on next steps – to get a licensed electrician in there to have him confirm our findings then take the next step based on his recommendation. I further told him if the electrician did confirm our findings, to go back to his doctor to see if any of his sudden illnesses could be a result of the high EMF he has been living with for the past couple years.
    So yes, there are truly dishonest people out there that will prey on those vulnerable or desperate enough to believe them.

    1. A www how sad….this is why i do feel like the field does need to be regulated in some way and well done to you and your team 🙂

  2. Thank you for putting this up it means a lot especially when I had someone off a team turn people against me and include people who shouldn’t have been involved in her opinion of me which really upset me as I had never said a wrong word against her or the team I was meant to be in which I left as they were just awful to me putting me down with comments they made when all I wanted to do was what other groups do and work as a team get on with everyone and capture evidence of the paranormal least to say I lost trust in teams like them

    1. I hope u haven’t given up what you love doing Ann Marie?? Xx

  3. If you want information esposing fake “exorcist”, “Bishop” James Long, please feel free to contact me via

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  5. […] Anyway, I decided to hold a show on this very subject on paranormal bullying. […]

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