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👻 My Top 5 – Creepiest Pictures On The Internet (WARNING!!) 👻



This is ParaGirlStories Top 5 Creepiest Pictures On The Internet.


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👻I could have DIED!! – Paranormal experience? – Story Time 👻

So ParaGirlStories is still pretty much WTF over this whole situation! But she knows that she can breathe in relief that what ever it was.. may have just saved her life!


Do you believe in guardian angels?


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How To Communicate With Supposed Spirits.

To learn the basics of spirit communication you must always keep an open mind whether you’re a believer or not. Many people believe that spirits are evil and can manipulate anything they want. But so can living people right? Others believe that once we die our soul leaves the body and goes to a better place called “Heaven” or “Paradise”. Whilst most people believe they roam the earth with unfinished business to take take of, or they just simply want to stay here because they have previously enjoyed their life in a certain location.

It is also important to be respectful to spirits because they were once people just like you and me. So it is just like meeting someone for the first time, you introduce yourself, tell them why you are there and do not freak out if you do get a response!

#1 – Respecting:

The first and most important rule that you must remember in order to communicate with spirits is to respect them, because they are people just like you and me but without their physical body, you wouldn’t just go up to someone and demand that they talk to you or let them know that they are interested in talking back right? So respecting spirits is the key communication method.

If you decide that the graveyard/cemetery is the first spot you must go to communicate then please do so with caution. Let the spirits know what your intentions are, for example:

“I am here today to try and communicate with you, I do not wish you any harm or I have not come here to disrespect you”

It is up to you to decide on how you treat spirits, but remember that if you are disrespectful then the chances of further communication may or will be less. There are dangers when it comes to disrespecting a spirit just as much as disrespecting a living person, except that you can’t see spirits so they can follow you where ever they wish. So remember to be as respectful as possible, because at the end of the day, you are entering their world and their space.

#2 Using Electronic Devices:

There is a theory on how spirits communicate with us, some say they need energy and others say that they don’t, Many people have argued over the years on which is the best technique but no one has ever come to the conclusion yet! So there have been devices that may have proven themselves to be great communication devices between us and the spirit world.

Here are a list of communication devices that are useful for communicating with spirits:

– K-II Meter

– EMF Sensor

– Temperature Gun

– Geo-Phone

K-II Meter:

 How can this communicate with spirits? EASY! The K-II have sensors that detect any small fluctuation in the EMF or Electro Magnetic Field that the earth naturally produces. It is known that spirits have an EMF field that is higher than the natural EMF that we ourselves produce. They K-II has five ranges of detection, this is marked out in colours from light green, natural greenyellow orange and red.

 Green being the lowest energy and Red being the largest amount of energy. It is suggested that the closer a spirit comes to the device and the more energy it puts into communicating then the more lights that would light up. The K-II is cheap to buy and it is very popular with TV shows such as “Ghost Hunters”.

EMF Sensor: 

The EMF sensor works just like the K-II except it generates lights AND noises to let you know if a spirit is communicating, again the EMF sensor senses changes in the Electro Magnetic Field around the device and will detect any small unnatural fluctuations or energy in the air.

Temperature Gun: 

Some believe that spirits have a cold to freezing temperature and can manipulate temperatures around them, for instance.. People claim that if a spirit comes into a nice warm room the temperature suddenly drops, it can become so cold that you can see your own breath. The temperature gun can pick up any sudden and unexplained changes in the air, it has a IR (Infrared) sensor that can stretch as far as 10 Feet but it is suggested that you set the gun to no more than 1 meter to get an accurate reading.


 The Geo-Phone is quite an interesting device, it detects vibrations and movements. When ever the Geo-Phone detects vibrations the lights light up in correspondence to how close or how hard the vibration is. So if you ask a spirit to walk towards the Geo-Phone and it ends up lighting up you know you got yourself some communication!

#3 EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

This method is by far the most popular with any ghost hunter. EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon means to capture voices on tape or an audio recorder but no one was there at the time. People claim that these are the voices of spirits and many paranormal investigators use this method quite a lot and many have gotten very good results.

How do you begin an EVP session?

Beginning an EVP session is easy, it’s just like talking to any other person except you can’t hear them talk back, you simply ask them questions such as “What is your name?” or “How many spirits are in this cemetery?” you will then wait at least 30 seconds before asking the next question, but within those 30 seconds you must be aware of any noises such as dogs barking, children playing or cars. Since it is very easy to think you have captured an EVP when in reality it was just a car in the distance.

 This is called “Audio Vortexing” which means your brain automatically makes sense of any noise and makes them into words. It is a great idea to take a notebook with you, so that you can write down any small noises you hear during the EVP session and not to confuse them as actual EVP’s.

How to analyse EVP’s.

Analysing EVP’s can sometimes be frustrating. Especially if you’re in a crowded room, so it is recommended that you go somewhere which is quiet and secluded. No matter what equipment you use for your EVP sessions they must be analyzed with a great set of headphones and a computer. There are plenty of computer software’s to analyze the possible EVP’s that you have captured:




You must remember that each spirit can talk in a completely different frequency to one another, Also each of us can hear different frequencies, so sometimes it is not possible to hear an EVP that someone else has caught. They may insist that it is there but you hear nothing and vice-versa. So it is very important that you keep an open mind.

#4 Ouija Board (Use With Caution!)

The Ouija Board has been around for hundreds of years, many people claim that this is the worst way to communicate with spirits, simply because that not only does it invite evil spirits/demons into your home, it also opens up a portal for other spirits to roam as they please.

The Ouija Board consists of all the letters of the Alphabet and the numbers 0-9, it also has a Yes No answer and Goodbye gesture. This is to help the spirits answer more quickly.

 There needs to be a minimum of two people using the Ouija Board and you must BOTH trust one another. You will then place two fingers on a planchette and ask the spirits to move it, for example:

“Can you tell me which letter of the alphabet your name starts with?”

 It will then start to move. This method of communication is not suggested if you are serious about the paranormal, this is because your body will move when you think it is being still, so if you think that the planchette is moving it could well be the nerves in your arm or hand that are actually moving it.

The Ouija Board is not the best of communication methods but it can be done if done correctly. (Not recommended for beginners use with caution)

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👻The Sounds Of Choking – Paranormal Experience August 2017 👻

This still confuses ParaGirlStories after a few days, how can everything be so calming yet a few moments later can make you wonder?


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👻Male Spirit EVP Caught In Womens Bathroom!👻

Since this EVP was documented the building has been demolished.

ParaGirlStories doesn’t know why he was there, but all she knows is that he talked to her, She wonders where spirits go if their location is disrupted?

Thanks for watching!


(Headphones recommended)


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