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In the words of Iain Lawrence “are we not bored yet” The answer is yes. Yes we are.

in the past 10 years, there has been no breakthrough and no real fresh attempts of investigations, in life we are taught to do things certain ways without making our own judgements and assessments on methods and knowledge.

we need to brake out of the tunnel view which is set and re invent to further push the questions out there.  What do we need to do as a community?

Re think our approach’s. – most people will have an approach which is actually mainstream style, “watching tv shows and doing what they do”

Ghost Hunting Equipment DOESN’T EXIST.  BUT IDEAS DO –  nothing is more powerful then an idea, if ghosts exist then they will be able to interact with anything on this planet. so dont fall into the showbiz ideas of equipment currently out there. think more about wow no one ever thought to use this. lets try it!.

The key to this article is, BE DIFFERENT. BE Original. and know what you want to achieve.

set one goal and keep on this goal, dont distract.


THE best thing about the paranormal is.

No one is right and no one is wrong. anything is possible, with endless possibilities




  1. I enjoyed reading this, spoken from the heart.

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