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The Mystery of the Kaz 2

The Kaz 2

The Kaz 2 what is sometimes known as Australia’s Ghost ship. On April the 15th 2007 three friends set sail on their Catamaran. Thy were on the first part of there trip from northern to southern Australia the 3 men that were on the boat were 56-year-old Derek Batten, Peter Tunstead (69) and his brother James who was (63) They were all experienced sailors and had been sailing together since they were teenagers.

But just three days into their journey a helicopter spotted a boat adrift off the coast of the great barrier reef after the helicopter had reported this the coast guard a mission was set to catch up with the vessel and board it and on the 20th of April that is what happened. The boat was the Kaz 2 and what the boarding party noticed was very strange! All three men were missing but everything else seemed normal. The only sign of damage was one of the sails where ripped but that is it, nothing else. There were no signs that the boat had been hit by a rogue wave.

The search was called off after several days and the police said that there did not believe it was foul play and that the men were probably just swept overboard! However, the families of the men were not convinced this this as there were things that just did not add up… As there was a fishing line that had been put out by one of the three men and the families argued that they would not have done this if the weather was bad! Ruling out being swept overboard. Plus, all of the life jackets were still on the vessel indicating that there were never needed or used. The Families believed that the three men must have been abducted and were still alive somewhere!
The Families believed that the three men must have been abducted and were still alive somewhere! It is hard to believe that these three experienced sailors would do anything that would be unsafe whilst on-board the yacht. So, the thought that these men were just swept overboard is a bit unlikely. So, what do you think? Could the men have been abducted? Or possibly have been swept overboard? Or could it be something more sinister! Some people have suggested the possibility of a USO or a UFO or perhaps something more sinister altogether!
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