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The Island That Vanished – Hy-Brasil: The Phantom Island

Hy-Brasil: The Phantom Island!



Hy-Brasil was first noted on maps as far back as 1325. However, as the centuries have past the island which was said to be located off the coast of west Ireland has seeming vanished!

What makes this island interesting is that over the centuries many people have claimed to have seen it! Hence why it has been on so many maps for so long. In 1674 John Nesbit an Irish explorer claimed he sailed through thick fog of the coast of west Ireland and reached island of Hy-Brasil. Once the ship was anchored three crew men rowed to the island and returned three days later with large amount of gold and silver, claiming that an old man had given it to them. Nesbit also stated that the island was inhabited by very large black rabbits and the old man lived in a castle.

The very last documented sighting of Hy-Brasil was that of Author T.J Westropp in 1872. Westropp claimed that he seen the island on many previous voyages, so this time he decided he would take people with him to back-up his claims, they all said that the island appeared and then disappeared right in front of their eyes. After this the island has fallen into myth and legend, but all these people saw something. It did not benefit anyone to make it up in fact it would be more damaging than beneficial!

There is a lot more to this story and we will be covering it in a future podcast, as we haven’t even mentioned the US soldier that had an UFO encounter and received the exact coordinates to Hy-Brasil, weird eh? What do you think? Is there a mystery phantom island just of the coast of Ireland! Or could there have been once?



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  1. Great article! This story has always interested me. Thanks for this.

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