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Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack: England’s Famous Cryptid!


The spring heeled Jack is an English mythical creature that was spotted throughout the Victorian era. First spotted in 1837, the spring heeled jack or ‘Jack’ was described as a terrifying human-like creature with ugly facial features, red burning eyes, goatee style beard with pointy ears and horns! He also had claw hands and could leap from rooftop to rooftop.
Shortly after the first sighting happened Jack began to be spotted all over the UK, With reports of the creature attacking people and countless eyewitness accounts of the creature up to no good it wasn’t long until the Jack became more well known. The press began to report on Jack and gave him the name Spring Heeled Jack! People were warned about Jack and was told that he lurked on the top of rooftops! It wasn’t long before panic set in and mass hysteria started. Before long people were seeing the Spring Heeled Jack everywhere! As the rumours and stories grew, it became hard to separate what was fact from fiction.
The last known reported sighting of the spring heeled Jack was in 1904 ever since these sighting began there has been a multitude of theories to what Jack might have been. Whatever Jack was, at the time Jack he was the cause of a lot of terror! So, what are your thoughts on the spring heeled Jack? Could he have been a real creature or nothing more than a figment of people’s imagination!

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