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Paranormal Community Mocks Woman Who Claims To Sleep With Ghosts…. Is there Answers?

So today on ITV this morning we saw a lady who claimed to have made love to many ghosts, and the paranormal community absolutely rips this claim apart, but how hypocritical is this???

This isnt a new phenomena that ghosts / spirits have been accused of sexual contact, and rape. People go out on ghost hunts and investigate cases of this nature and yet dont rip this claim apart, one of the biggest known locations The “Ancient Ram Inn”, reported to be one of the Most Haunted locations in the UK, first hit headlines with this claim, how is this womens claim any different? …. is it because its on TV? is it because the woman will be getting paid for appearing on TV? No matter the reason these cases happen and need to be looked into regardless.

So lets look into the possible candidates of this phenomena reported which brings us to Medieval Folklore: INCUBUS and SUCCUBUS. Which are believed to be sex demons, which take the form of Male and Female – Succubus = Female – Incubus = Male.

 Latin incubo for “nightmare. | Latin succubus “to lie under.

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So these are demons who prey upon Men and woman, and lures them in for sex, they are also known to kill infants at birth. There is 100’s if not 1000’s of cases of these attacks throughout the world, and many people actually go to the venue to investigate these claims. So the folklore is there to back up her claims.

She also claims to reach an orgasm without actually touching or being touched. So the next question is..

Can a woman orgasm without been touched?

A simple search revealed the answer YES they can. The mind is very powerful and is believed that thinking of words, voices, visions, fantasies can trigger the brain into an orgasm state which sends it around your body.

There are also many women who can think their way into an orgasm so everything this woman has said today COULD be true.

My view of what is happening…..

I think this is an interesting case and i applaud the woman for going live on tv for opening her self up for so much abuse and name calling, it would have taken alot of guts to talk about this topic… for £1.000 or £500. Would the money really be worth the blacklash?

Ive watched the interview before making this article and then saw the paranormal community give her some backlash and abuse. I have sat and thought well wait up we hear cases like this.. why is this different? I kinda just wish the paranormal community would show a little more respect for this case. It could be fake like all cases out there and the only way to find out the answers is to look into them and research and investigate. The myth and folklore is there for whats happening to this woman and does support this womens claims. Now onto the sexual part.

I believe this woman is living a fantasy, and this fantasy is very real within her head, she is enjoying it, and wanting more. This tells me she is pleasuring her self mentally.. and science has proven that a woman can orgasm just from thoughts alone..

I believe this is the case here

We all have fantasies but the only difference is, the fantasy of what is turning this woman on.. is a strange one.

But saying that shouldnt be dismissed all together…..

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