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The Demonic Possession of Michael

Michael Taylor:

England’s Most Infamous Demonic Possession



The case of Michael Taylor is quite possibly, the UK’s most famous case of demonic possession! Michael lived with his wife in a small town in Yorkshire, England. Michael and his wife were very religious and often attended church.

Michael was accused by his wife if have an affair with a woman from the church. When his wife confronted him and this other woman they both denied it. A short time Michael began to act strange and began to act out of character! Many people who witness the event commented on how Michael looked as if he was possessed. Michael’s odd behaviour continued for months, Taylor finally went to see a priest and the priest conducted an exorcism on Michael which lasted for more than 24 hours!
The priest allegedly removed over 40 demons from Michael’s body. However, Michael was warned that he still had a dark demon lurking in his soul one that the priest could not remove! When Michael went home he brutally killed his wife! H tore out her eyes, tongue and removed her face! He even killed the family pet poodle.
Michael Taylor was later found by the police walking down a street completely naked and covered in blood, screaming it’s the blood of Satan! Michael Taylor was sent to prison and he says that he has no memory of what happened! What are your thought? Do believe people can really be possessed?


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