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The Famous Creepy Bridal Doll RETURNS & Causes Concern On Youtube!

The Famous allegedly haunted Doll known as the creepy bridal doll, AKA This Mornings Haunted Doll, has recently been in a documentary called 10 Incredibly Strange and Creepy Paranormal Photos And cause some Youtube chaos. (Video At Bottom)


The video in question is about photos that are known to effect people by just looking at them, The bridal doll reached their Number 1, Spot. due to previous people coming forward saying just by looking at the doll via a video or picture has caused them some distress.. and after this video many people have flooded in with comments on how they are feeling after watching their documentary video on the 10 incredibly strange and creepy paranormal photos.

Doll 8

Doll 4Doll 5

Doll 7Doll 6

Doll 2

Doll 1

Is this the power of suggestion or the spirit energy attached to the doll? we simply do not have the answers. Give the video a watch and let us know how you feel!

Great work Paranormal Scholar! 

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