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Sky Trumpets! The Sign of The End?

Sky trumpets:

Apocalyptic sounds heard all over the world!

All around the world people have been reporting hearing strange sounds coming from the sky with many people saying that the sounds almost sound biblical or in some cases people have likened the sound to what you may expect an alien space craft entering the atmosphere would sound like! just like you see in the Hollywood films.

The sinister noise has been heard and recorded all over the world from the US to Russia and everywhere in-between. Over the past 10 years an increasing number of videos and audio recordings have been captured of this eerie apocalyptic sound with many saying that the sound is a “sign of the end” and that the apocalypse has begun! With some religious groups linking the sounds to the horn of Gabriel – Where it is said man will hear Gabriel’s horn just before the end of days!

Looking at some other possible explanations. There has been some extraterrestrial enthusiast who have suggested that the sounds could be made by an Alien craft entering the Earth’s atmosphere or the presence of an Alien craft located somewhere in the Solar system that is having a impacted on the Earth! This does sound a little far fetched and as this explanation doesn’t really have any evidence to back up the claims that E.T is in our neighbourhood! The Probability that E.T is causing this phenomenon is low!


However, science hasn’t really been very useful when it comes to explaining the sound as NASA researchers and experts have said that the Earth does make many background noises all the time! Although you would need very specialist and sensitive radio and recording equipment! The likes most people don’t have. So, just using your phone the way that everyone who has recorded the phenomenon has done would not be sufficient in detecting the Earths background noises. So, what are the mysterious sounds that are being recorded all over the world?
Could the sounds really be a sign that the end is neigh or that Aliens are on our doorstep or perhaps something entirely unknown is at work here! Something we just simply don’t understand!
What are your thoughts?



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